以前很多時候我都會在想,如果我當時做了什麼什麼,我會不會處在一個更好的地方,成為更好的自己。身為perfectionist最大的優點,就是不會滿足於現狀要一直往前衝,但這也是perfectionist最大的缺點之一。Perfectionist生活很辛苦,內心世界也很複雜,對自己的期望高了,對別人的期望也就相對的高了。所以,以前我很常對自己感到失望,也對別人感到失望,週而復始,也就慢慢討厭自己、討厭身邊的人。當時的我慢慢遠離朋友,因為我總是覺得總有一天他們會讓我失望,這樣的話倒不如還沒親近過,沒有期望就沒有失望。 現在的我雖然還是會對自己和朋友感到小小的失望,但我已經學會坦然的接受我們一切的不完美。對於生活給予的失望,既然不能改變情況和環境,我就選擇改變我的心態。我的心房裡曾經是烏煙瘴氣的小巷,我現在正在努力地把它改造成一個能夠讓陽光透進來的溫馨小屋。



我才22歲,人生還很長。生命才剛開始,理想才剛剛起飛,但願我好好使用我20幾歲的美好歲月。我要變得更好,我要努力鍛鍊身體,要好學不倦,要自強不息,雖然身邊的種種都在告訴我不用變得這麼好,但我就是要變成the best version of myself。



Dandioy's Doodle | It’s been awhile... 好久不見

✨It’s been awhile...✨ 











不知道有哪一項讓你們產生共鳴的呢?( ~'ω’)~ 



Heyyyyyy. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. 

So I wrote down a list of things life has taught me the night before my 22nd birthday just to do a little bit of self-reflection and I thought it would be a great idea to share it to you guys. 

  1. Happy moments are always short, but sad times don’t last either. 
  2. God will teach us lessons through sorrow. 
  3. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. 
  4. Live life fiercely beautiful is one of the ways to be romantic with yourself. 
  5. If you want it, go get it. 
  6. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your family. 

(I wrote them originally in Mandarin so some meanings might get lost in translation.) 

Life has been exhausting lately. I hope these encourage you in some sort of ways lol. 

btw Happy Women’s Day! :) 


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Dandioy's Diary | Of mental struggles and responsibilities (020317)

It has been a while since I have written a diary entry, but here it is, unfortunately it is a sad one.

Another thing that happened to me this week is that I was given a huge responsibility in a committee. I promised to take that obligation even though I knew that with this responsibility I will have no free time for myself. I have no peace in my heart for almost a week. With that responsibility, I would not be able to write my blog anymore or even draw for my facebook page. So I wrote a long message to the leader and declined the position. The moment I sent the message, I immediately felt a sense of relief in my heart. I've learnt how important it is to say no to things. Say no to emotionally draining people, say no to people who only want to use you, say no to people who are making you do things that you don't need to do. Just fxxking say no.

With all those emotions and mental struggles, I felt ill and weak today during Physiology lecture, so I skipped Microbiology class. I skipped my workout today too. And I ate half a package of my favourite Ritter Sport dark chocolate. AND I FEEL AWESOME. Rest is good. Being able to write a diary entry is good. Being able to express how I feel is good. Making time for myself is good.

ANOTHER thing that I have learnt is that being a Christian, it is totally fine to say that you're not fine. I just dislike it whenever people preach that being a Christian means that our life will just be sunshines and rainbows and whenever you feel sad you shouldn't express it because it means you're somehow not being grateful to God. Because the truth is, we have tough days too and I believe God wants us to be honest with our own emotions and feelings instead of masking it with the fake perfect image that all Christians live happily ever after. It is simply not true.

Okay, enough ramblings for today. Hopefully my next diary entry will be a happy one! :')
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