Dandioy's Diary | Hula Hoop 呼拉圈 (121216)

If I have to list something that I'm very bad at, playing hula hoop will be at the top of my list.

I've tried playing it so many times throughout my whole life every now and then,
but it just seems that I could not grasp the correct "rhythm" of spinning a hula hoop.
I remembered when I was young there were only jumping ropes and hula hoops at home,
so since I had no idea how to play a hula hoop, I just tend to jump the rope. (which might explain why I'm tall lol but of course I ate a lot since young so I guess I was really well fed lol)

I blamed it to my inflexible waist and hips. I used to tell myself that maybe I'm just not made for playing a hula hoop. However every time I see someone playing hula hoop so effortlessly, I feel jealous because it seems so fun! (plus who does not want to have a slimmer waist and killer abs?)

Today when I was at the biophysical sports building in my university, I picked up a silver hula hoop and decided that maybe I should give myself another chance. AND THAT'S WHEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENED. As I spin the hula hoop against my body, I started moving my body back and forth, not trying to think that the hula hoop will fall, I just maintain my momentum. That was the moment I realised that I have learnt how to play a hula hoop. That moment was miraculous and beyond amazing.

Do you still remember the moment when you finally learnt how to ride a bicycle when you were young? That was the nostalgic feeling I got, you have no idea how good it feels to learn something new. I guess as we grew up, we tend to avoid things that we think we are not good at. We tend to just do what we are good at, we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. Maybe we are just one try towards success, but we just give up way too early. 

Life is amazing you know, there are so many things to discover and so many skills to learn.
Perhaps I should have kept playing basketball, perhaps I should have started baking this winter break,
I feel so inspired, so refreshed, so blessed.

And the weird thing is, all of these happiness and state of contentment is all just because of a hula hoop. This Monday is starting off right and I believe that this week will be an amazing week!

Hope everyone is having a great week ahead! <3