Recharging Saturday night (1.10.16)

Let my snapchat stories do the speaking shall we? :P

SO...yeah. I have been pretty sick for the past week and burning the midnight oil studying for Physiology major does not help at all.

I have only slept for 4 hours, which is extremely little for me because normally I sleep for a freaking 8-10 hours. Sleep deprivation really drives me cray cray. I felt like I do not do well for my Physiology major but oh well. At least I have tried my best.

I got a bit nausea after having the major. That was when I started to sweat profusely. I had no appetite and my head was floating.

To my horror my summer hospital attachment exam was at 11 (I always thought it is at 1), but I prepare nothing for the test at all because I put my all focus on Physio and I felt so uncomfortable I just wanna go home. (Summer hospital attachment exam is basically an exam we got tested on our skills developed during our hospital attachment in summer.) Luckily the teacher just look at my hospital record with doctor's signature and just give me a 5.


Then of course I went home.


Btw Colourpop's ultra matte lipstick seems so tempting, especially the fall edition one!
Look how gorgeous the colours are! (My two favourite shades are Love Bug and Are N B)

And the price was reasonable too! I really want to get my hands on these!
Maybe I should save money and buy these for my birthday present hehe.

Actually I should be studying for Wednesday's Histology major but I'm so sick. So I guess this will be a recharging Saturday night for me, just chilling on my bed, listening to my Soundcloud and blogging about my day today.

Okay I should REALLLLYY get some sleep now.

Kay bye