Oh depression, you're such a bitch.

Idk, I can just feel it when someone gets depressed.
I think I might have a depression radar, maybe it's because I've been tried it, been there,
so I can sense it when someone is depressed.

I stumbled upon an article today about a South Korean artist that I've been liking since my IB days.
His name is Nam Taehyun and he is one of the member of a boy group WINNER.

I've always liked his sassiness on camera and of course his voice. Unlike other YG entertainment artists who are mostly fierce and badass rappers, he stands out so much because he sings emotional ballads. One of my favourite songs from him is "I'm young", in fact I shared this song on this post. (which was written like only one month ago) 

According to YG, he is currently having some mental health issues and therefore WINNER has to stop their EXIT album releasing promotion. My heart sinks after reading this article, not just because my favourite artist is having depression, but it's because I know how awful it feels to be depressed. 

Taehyunie, please recover soon! I know it is not gonna be easy but I'm rooting for you! <3