Dandioy's Doodle | 5 things to be grateful for 五件值得感恩的事

✨5 things to be grateful for✨


  1. having food on your table.
  2. being alive, being able to wake up everyday and experience life.
  3. having the opportunity to learn new things.
  4. you’ll always be loved. (even if you’re not aware of it)
  5. you can always start all over. (just push that reset button if you’ve decided to make a change in your life)

A little reminder from dandioy heheh. <3 

  1. 三餐溫飽。
  2. 活著。
  3. 每天都在學習著新事物。
  4. 你一直被愛著。(即使你不知道,即便你沒察覺。)
  5. 你隨時都可以重新開始,只要你下定決心。



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