What am I doing to myself --

You know that kind of feeling, when there are two majors approaching (Anatomy major tomorrow, Physiology major the day after tomorrow), and yet I don't feel afraid at all, as if I'm fully prepared but in fact I'm not. I've told myself to prepare early for these 2 majors and yet here I am procrastinating. What is even worse now is that I have sore throat and it is hard for me to focus when I'm sick. The weather here in Russia is getting colder, the temperature is around 5 degree celcius, the wind is not forgiving as well I feel like it is gonna blow my scarf away. With the night getting longer I feel sleepy and tired easily too. I can't find my motivation to study and keep up with my 100 days of flat tummy project (I just ate a packet of dark chocolate ALL BY MYSELF OMG).

Bless me please. Weather please be good, major please be good as well.

Maybe I should abandon my fitness routine for these 2 days so that I can focus on my studies. (Or should I not? Hmmmm)

Life is such a mess now, why is it so hard to juggle between studies, fitness, social and sleep all at the same time? 24 hours are not enough for me I definitely need more time.


P/s: [hi], you made my day! I'm so glad to have a reader like you! :) <3

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