Travel Photo Diary | Moscow Trip Feb 2016

Warning: This is a LOOONG post! :D

Day 1

Angela, Elvina, Eric, Kyaler and I have decided to have a 5-day-4-night-trip to Moscow. 

I've only been at Moscow once but the only place I've "visited" is the Moscow Domodedovo airport so technically I have never visited Moscow before, and since all the seniors suggested me to go travelling during winter break after my first semester (because we have no finals in first semester), I have decided to join them.

Still in Kursk. The train from Kursk to Moscow takes around 5 hours.
After 5 hours of travelling, we've finally arrived in Moscow!

The moscow metro station

After setting down in a hostel (didn't get to snap a picture of it), the first thing we wanted to do was stuffing our mouths with food because God knows how hungry we were after that tiring 5 hours of travelling in the train. Moscow is a city unlike Kursk town so we can finally enjoy some food from fast-food chain restaurants other than MacDonalds and Burger King.

After filling our stomach with Shake Shack burgers (my order was the Shroom burger, the best vegetarian burger I have ever tasted doe), we went shopping of course! 

Excuse my vain selfies (●´ω`●)φ

I only bought the first hoodie.

Then we went to stock up our water supply just so that we were well hydrated throughout our trip.

That's the end of day 1.

Day 2

Nearby the hotel we stayed in.

Our next shopping mall is Moscow's Aviapark. Reason? There is a huge aquarium with fishes right in the middle of the shopping mall. Also, it is also the Europe's largest shopping centre.

Obligatory photo taking session heheh.

I had salad for lunch.

and...matcha ice cream because it's not like you can get this in Kursk ,,Ծ‸Ծ,,
Elvina and Angela persuaded me into buying this, but seriously though it tasted like heaven in my mouth so no regrets. :)

Look at the amount of people in the metro station Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

I forgot what is the name of this place lol but the building was pretty amazing.

Every metro station has its own special design and that makes every metro station unique.

After a long day of shopping of course we have to treat our stomach with a nice good meal.
We went to "Yakitoriya" for Japanese food but the food was a major disappointment. 

Look how small the portion is.

Day 3

Yas! Third day in Moscow, we have decided to pay IKEA a visit because Kursk does not have a "proper" IKEA.

I went here just for the meatballs but I ordered the wrong stuffs (some vegetarian dish) π__π 
but the food was great too so not much complains lah haha

Our third shopping target: Outlet Village

I losted my bag when I was changing clothes in the Puma shop. Luckily they were honest and kept my bag for me at the counter. That was definitely one of my top 10 most embarrassing things I have done in my life OMG.

Disappointed with Japanese food in Moscow, we have decided to try their Korean food.

Mah favourite bibimbap

Seafood pancake (*´∇`*) 

Teokbokki  (♥◠‿◠)ノ

Kimchi jiggae (*゚▽゚*)

This place is called Sammi Korean restaurant.

Day 4

We kickstarted our fourth day in Moscow in a fancy pansy hipster café. The café is located at Arbat street and it is called "Le Pain Quotidien" which means "The Dail Bread" in french.

I googled translated everything like no joke.

The coffee was great, the bread was great for me but not for the rest of the gang hahaha.

Karl Marx's portrait at the metro station

Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

I bought the blue one heheh.

Finally feeling a bit touristy after 3 days of shopping.

Finally reached Moscow' Kremlin and the red square!

Moscow's Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Behind the scene lol.

Timothy joined us for half a day.

The nightview of the Moscow river

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Went to eat donut because donut is always a good idea after a tiring day.

I ordered the vanilla-filled donut with chocolate topping.

The place is called "Puff Point".

Moscow State University. The buildings and architecture is just stunning why can't my university be like this ;____;

After visiting Moscow State University we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant called "Marukami". 
The food was satisfactory but not great.

So we went back to the red square because we wanted to see a night version of it.

Look how beautiful is GUM at night!

Such a memorable night! (even though our legs were almost paralysed from walking too much)

Day 5

My last meal in Moscow was not interesting at all lol.

We went back to Kursk on the 5th of February 2016 using train as well. 
It was a well-spent-holiday with a group of friends who brought so much laughter in the trip.
Hopefully next time visiting Moscow, I'll be visiting their museums and theatres. *fingers crossed*

That's all for my Moscow trip post. I know I did not take enough (good) pictures 'cause I was just using my iPhone 5 here. But I'm proud that I've finally finished writing this post! (this trip was 7 months overdue HAHAHA, but it is better late than never right.)