So I'm back in Russia for 1 week now...

Photo taken in front of Pushskinski shopping centre and Drum theatre.

The class has started for three days. My 2nd year 1st semester has been treating me well so far.

We (Kyaler, Angela and I) have settled down officially in our new apartment in Prospect Pobedi.
We organised and cleaned up our rooms, kitchen and storage room.
I've never been feeling so homey for such a looong time.

Being in your own apartment, in your own room is in fact a whole new experience.
I'm so happy to bid farewell to the days when I was in hostel, losing my privacy because of sharing room with other people, cooking my food with strangers staring at what am I cooking, waking up early just so that I can use the washing machine and not to forget, not being able to store my leftovers in fridge because the fridge is always full.

I have my OWN room, a kitchen that I shared with two awesomely generous people, how fascinating is that! I can finally decorate my room with my heart's content, learn to cook more dishes and hopefully learn to bake cakes as well (since there's an oven in our kitchen).

Even though my place is around 15 minutes away from my university, I still find my place awesome because of the people who live with me. Almost all of my close friends and seniors live in the same apartment with me, just different floors.

The weather now in Russia is jusssst nice! Averagely 15 degree celcius in the morning/night, 20 degree celcius in the afternoon, I have no complain at all! (all of my pores on my face have shrunken because of the cold weather, now that my skin looks awesome, just have to put more effort on moisturising).

By now, I'm content with life. And I believe the best has yet to come, good things are always awaiting ahead of me!

P/s: I've cut my own fringes. Korean style see-through bangs actually suit me a lot I'm so happy that I've decided to make this move lol.