Dandioy in Kursk | A mini bookstore exploration in Читай-город‎ (150516)

Читай-город‎ (pronounced as "Chitai Gorad") is basically a Russian bookstore.

Photo credits to owner

I was intrigued by the architecture of the building, I mean, how stunning is that?
So one day I've decided to pay this place a visit since I've never been there before,
plus I was super stressed out after studying for my Anatomy major which is 
going to be held on the next day. 

Photo credits to owner

The interior was quite disappointing tho, totally different from what I expected.
But it's okay, I guess that's the whole point of exploration, sometimes,
you can't always get good surprises right?

However just the sight of paintbrushes made me so happy :D

I wish I could master my Russian so that I could read this :'(

and... *drumrolls*

I found a series of MLP book! (all of the books in the bookstore are in Russian FYI)

How could I forget my favourite corner of the bookstore!

It's funny how Russians translate Harry [Hae-ri] to Гарри [Ga-ri]

So at the end I bought some purple pens and "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".

I really hope that I can improve my Russian if I dedicate some of my time reading it. 

(Okay maybe it is just an excuse for me to buy HP books.)

(I love how this dog filter covers up all my pimples yay)

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