Dandioy's Diary | Of endless tests and tired, but happier me (November 2015)

15 Nov, 2015

Sometimes watching people skyping their families can be eye widening. Most of the time, you see that person as an individual, as a friend, but when you see one talking to one's parents, as if thousand of thorns are piercing through my heart, I’ve realised that that person is someone’s child, someone’s grandchild, and also someone’s loved one. Seeing their parents talking to them reminds me of how my parents talk to me. How’s school, are you stressed, do you wear enough clothes, do you have enough money to spend, do you eat well, do you rest well, do you sleep well. There’s a heart-warming feeling that I could not even describe. It reminds me that no matter how one personality is, one will always be someone else’s child, friend, or even lover. It reminds me to be kind, even kinder than I am right now. ‘Cause you’ll never know how your act of kindness can bring at least a little bit of relieve in one's family. Just like how my parents hope there’s someone around me who are being kind with me, why shouldn’t I be the one who bless other people? Food for thought.

16 Nov, 2015

Waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning, I reluctantly washed up and started studying for my Latin major (which also known as test in Russia). I’m quite sick and weak. In the midst of incessant sneezing and coughing, I’ve finally finished my Latin revision. It had been snowing last night, and as I looked out from my window, I’ve realised the world has been covered in such pure and majestic white snow. Everything is so beautiful. One side of me is crying out for joy as this is my first time experiencing real snow, but another side of me is mourning as the arrival of winter means that I could not jog every morning anymore, as the ground will be too slippery. Seems like I have to find another way to burn off my calories. Anyways, the major went rather well. I got a 4 for my computer test and 5 for my written test, which means that my hard work actually paid off. After that I went for pingpong training. Playing pingpong for 2 hours and walking back from university to hotel makes me less guilty about me not jogging in the morning. Anatomy major is on Wednesday and I’m totally not ready for it. But then I’m super sick and tired, so I guess I’ll go sleep and rest. Another battle for tomorrow.

17 Nov, 2015

I’m feeling eternally grateful for having Madam Lydia as my Anatomy teacher now, not only that she postponed our anatomy test to next week, she also pays extra attention to details when she’s explaining the structure of the bones. Just like what she said, she really treat us like our grandmother. So it means that tomorrow will only gonna have Biology control (which is a smaller test than major). Since there’s only gonna be one test tomorrow, I spent some of my precious time to complete my drawings, one christmas card design for church, one for Gemilang publication, and another one for my client Camille. It sure does feel good to complete unfinished work. 

18 Nov, 2015

Woke up at 5 just to study for my Biology test. Feeling super sleepy but then again, I have to force myself to climb out from my comfy warm blanket. Mom messaged me, saying that it have been one week since both of us chatted. I told her that I’m waking up early to study, she was quite happy and pleased, saying that I’ve grown up and got more responsible. I guess it’s right, I’ve changed a lot since I came here, even though it is merely 1 month 10 days. I cook my own meal and make it as healthy as possible, now that my tastebud finds the food outside too salty and flavourful. If I don’t exercise my body just don’t feel alright. Btw, for your information, I have embarked on my healthy lifestyle journey for 96 days now. Now my collar bones are more visible, my jawline is getting more defined and my jeans are getting looser. Life has been good so far, and the obvious reason is because I treat myself and my life good too. There is no way I’m getting back to my older lifestyle, as I refuse to see the older me, the depressed me, the demotivated me. Life is good, it’s good. Oh I forget to say that I screwed my Biology test, I forgot that 1831 is the year Robert Brown discovered the nucleus. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep moving on, aren’t I? :)

Edited side note: I actually got a 4, I didn’t screw up the test so YAYYYY.