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✨Hang in there!✨


For those who are facing tough situations in your lives, please always remember that you have friends and family to lean on to, no matter what. Don’t bottle up your feelings, find a trustable friend and share your feelings. (I guarantee that you’ll feel so much better afterwards) Also don’t forget to have enough sleep ‘cause sleep deprivation would do no good to your health and mood. Going through different stages in my life, I realised how important human connections are, I mean, humans, after all, are social animals, so no matter how introverted you are, you’ll still feel lonely after spending too much time with yourself. A brief walk outside your neighbourhood with your friends, a cup of hot green tea, and a phone call to your siblings and parents will instantly brighten you up, I promise! 

Anyways, please stay healthy and happy while pursuing your goals and dreams. Life is long and we still have a long way to go. ;)




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