Dandioy's Doodle | When in doubt, “да”(da) all the way 不懂俄罗斯语好杯具啊

✨When in doubt, “да”(da) all the way✨


When I just arrived Russia, I only know how to count from 1 to 10 and articulate some simple words like "да" [da] and “нет" [niet], which means “yes” and “no” respectively. Every time I’m being put in a situation in which I have to communicate and understand what they say (which I fail miserably all the time), I will look at their facial expression and body languages, and surprisingly sometimes it really does work! Anyways, Russian language is freaking tough like seriously, what’s with that extra 7 alphabets, 10 consonants, different printed and written forms, masculine, feminine & neutral genders and conjugations. •_ゝ•



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