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✨Take care of yourself even on your busiest days✨


Dear readers,

Russia’s weather is getting colder day by day. The fact that winter is coming soon just terrifies me, but it’s okay, I’ve got used to the weather and the cold doesn’t bother me anyway. (Get the reference? HAHAHAH) Okay I shall stop being lame.

Life of a medical student is definitely more hectic than I expected. Because our batch arrived late, we missed quite an amount of lectures and classes. Now that they are trying to add more extra classes to our already-packed schedule, which makes us even busier than before. Skipping (even the not-so-important) class is almost impossible here as they will make us attending the classes that we missed. So seriously there’s no point skipping class here. 

I’m having classes and lectures 6 days per week, which means, I can only rest on Sundays. But wait, we have to do class preparation, the professors here will give us marks for every class to make sure that we are on the right track (which is good, but then super exhausting). So there goes Sunday again. Not even a single resting day. 

However, despite of my busy life, I’ve been taking good care of myself so far. Sleeping for at least 5 hours, cooking my own food, (even if I don’t have the time to cook I’ll also make sure that the food I buy is relatively healthy and nutritious), exercising, drinking enough water to keep my body healthy and strong. 

Most importantly, I still make sure that save myself some time draw. Drawing seriously makes me feel so much better. I will continue updating my medical student life here, so remember to stay tuned! :D

Hoping that you guys are taking good care of yourselves as well. Cheers! 








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