Dandioy in Kursk | Fall '15 - Abby, Vaanisha and Edward's mini adventure in Gogolia Park

I've been really busy ever since I embarked on my medical student journey.

Every hour just flies by so swiftly that now I have to keep a mental time schedule just to make sure that everything is on track. Despite focusing on my academics, I tried my best to keep my blog and Facebook page updated as frequent as possible. But then I realised that, most of time I only update on my drawing stuffs, not that much on my life. 

So here's a long awaited personal life post, YAY! (*´∀`)~♥

Introducing Vaanisha and Edward, my friends I got acquainted to on our first day in the KLIA airport. We decided to go to Gogolia Park to take some pretty Instagram-worthy autumn-y photos. The scenery was so breathtaking and we totally enjoyed our first fall here. I mean, look that those pretty yellow fallen leaves! 

After visiting the park, Vaanisha was hungry so we found a place for her to eat. It was a super tiny pie restaurant. Vaanisha ordered a cheese pizza and a cup of hot tea. The owner of the restaurant was so kind for making an effort to understand our broken Russian. I got so warm-hearted and gained some hope on staying here 'cause upon our arrival on Kursk, almost all of the Russians we met were kind of rude towards foreigners. 


So I guess that's all for the first post of the "Dandioy in Kursk" series. 
I might write on my university on my next post, so stay tuned! :)