Dandioy's Diary | Sibu food hunting & café hopping with friend (21 Sept 2015)

Went eating outside with Clive 'cause he said he had too much money in hand haha.
So he brought me to Pezzo Pizza, which located in the new Sugarbun in Sibu. I told my younger siblings about it and they told me that Pezzo Pizza has been the IT place to eat pizza instead of Pizza Hut now in Sibu. No wonder Pizza Hut Sibu has been giving out discount vouchers so generously XD.


The pizzas in Pezzo was great, the thickness of the crusts was just nice and the amount of cheeses, prawns and pepperonis was generous enough as well. We ordered three pizzas and shared it so that we could taste all the flavours. At first we only ordered two but then we ordered another one (not shown in the picture) out of cravings haha. The price per slice of pizza is around RM 6.90 - RM 8.90 (if I am not mistaken) depends on the types of pizza flavour you want. Pretty reasonably charged.

Then we went on café hopping! This is the first time I go to a café in Sibu so I'm quite excited. The café we went was Upstairs Café, which located near to McDonald's. The ambience was good. The decorations were creative as well. (See the wooden lever in the piano? It's behind Clive.) There are a variety of cakes like red velvet, new york cheese, oreo cheese cake, chocolate cheesecake and etc. The one we ordered was oreo cheesecake. It tasted okay. The price of the cheesecake was RM 9.90. (If I'm not mistaken hahahaha) We didn't order any drinks 'cause Clive don't take caffeine and I'm quite full from the pizzas I have eaten before. But the price range is around RM 9.90 - RM 12.90.


That's all for our food hunting and café hunting session. Hopefully I can go to the Coffee Code (which is just a few steps away from my home) one day. I heard the waffles and ice creams are divine. Also, I want to try the new Korean place called Oppa BBQ. (which is also, really near to my place)

So many theme cafés and restaurants have been sprouting in Sibu. I'm so proud of you Sibu. *tears*