Music | K-indie band Hyukoh(혁오)

I just discovered a new K-indie band "Hyukoh" and my ears are so happy ;u;

Hyukoh is a Korean indie band I stumbered upon on a music website called "MelOn", in fact I was there just to see whether BIGBANG's MADE E series top the chart. (Haha such hardcore fan I know) Hyukoh's "Comes And Goes(와리가리)" was top 2 on the chart and I never heard of this band so I've decided to give it a try and listen to them. It was the best decision I've made in this year lol. The moment I heard Oohyuk's voice I'm so hooked. Apparently this band got so popular after they appear on a variety show called "Infinity Challenge".  I've been jamming to their songs all day long these days. They write mostly English songs but I enjoy their Korean songs as well. 

"Ohio" is on repeat right now 'cause the melody (the guitar part OMG) and the lyrics are soooo good!
Their music has the 1975 and Arctic Monkeys vibes to it but less depressing and dark.

The song they sang on "Infinity Challenge". Recently they got signed under HIGHGRND, an indie company managed by EPIK HIGH's Tablo. (I wrote about this hip-hop band before, click here) HIGHGRND is a sub-label of YG Entertainment, which is home to BIGBANG and 2NE1. Don't you just love the diversity of music genres in YG entertainment?

Check out their albums "20" (2014) and "22" (2015)!