Music | BIGBANG's MADE series A & D

I checked my entries for last month and I realised that I forget to blog about Bigbang's two released music videos in their MADE album series A. (●▼●;)

So I'm gonna compensate it by posting it now. HAHA

I have been waiting on their official Youtube channel and kept refreshing their page like crazy since 11p.m. \(●o○;)ノ

As expected from their title "Bang Bang Bang", this song has an anthemic party feel in it. It caught my attention at the first 5 seconds with the hand-clapping and the "OHHHH--"part. (,,・ω・,,)

It's perfect listening to it when doing housework and stuffs because it pumps you up and energises you. I also dance to this with my earphones plugged in when I'm sweeping the floor at home. ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)

Apart from the music I like the concept of the music video a lot as well. G-Dragon's red hair and Taeyang's pink hair are quite interesting. Their choreography here is jaw-dropping. I love how simple (well, when compared to other K-pop boy groups) yet so powerful their dance are. Also it does not feel so "K-pop". (which put more priorities on choreography)

"We Like 2 Party" is just a fun and upbeat song. When I first heard of the title of the song, I thought it will be giving out that strong clubbing vibe like how "Fantastic Baby" do. But no, this song feels very "American", I have no idea why but I just feel it that way. You just feel like singing along with it and chilling on the beach. I think this is what makes Bigbang different from other K-pop boy groups. (G-Dragon wrote all the songs himself, including song arranging and other stuffs, so it's a plus, I guess!)

The setting of the music video takes place at Jeju Island, where they got to relax and chill from their busy schedules. They are so funny and goofy in the music video especially T.O.P. like seriously, you wore a full bathrobe in a swimming pool? (>ω<) Also, they look so happy in this video, which makes me smile like crazy while watching them. Happiness is contagious, I guess it's true!


In MADE series D, there's "Sober" and "If You".

I have a very weird feeling towards this song at first. But after listening it a few times, I actually liked it. Not the catchiest song at the first hearing, but I've slowly developed some feelings to it over time.  I couldn't love the drop of the sick beat at 1:01 more. Of course, I cannot forget to mention how much I love the hand-clapping and "LA-LA-LA-"part at 3:25.

I love the green-ish filter used in the video. Even though I don't really understand the concept of the video I still enjoyed watching it. G-Dragon's orange hair looks so good on him. A lot of fans are crying over the fact that GD kissed a girl in the video but I don't even care 'cause he's not my bias HAHA. T.O.P. is weird as usual (What's up with the goat!?) and Daesung's playing the drum which is quite cool. 

Lastly, let me introduce you my "love-at-first-hearing" song, "If You". It doesn't song like mainstream K-pop music at all, very K-indie style. The song starts off with the guitar plucking, (Fingerstyle guitar has always been my soft-spot, like seriously how could you resist any acoustic songs) and then there comes T.O.P.'s deep husky singing voice. (The heck T.O.P. I thought you're a rapper not a singing) Surprisingly, his singing voice is so good and suits this song so well. Next, Taeyang's soft, soulful and higher vocal comes in, impressive as usual. Daesung's powerful voice really shines too. I don't even understand what they're singing but it's just so sad. This is definitely one of the saddest Bigbang's songs other than "Haru Haru" and "Lies". 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, definitely recommend this to all of you who don't like the typical K-pop style. I wanna learn this fingerstyle so that I can play it. Anyways, HANDS DOWN this is my FAVOURITE song out of the other songs in MADE series M, A & D.


Also, they don't have a music video for this song because they want their listeners to feel more towards the music and lyrics instead of the video. (Yup, gotta love Bigbang.)


Phew, I have finally finished this music post. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Next music post might be the 1975, Arctic Monkeys, or Vampire Weekends. So stay tuned! (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

P/s: IB results's coming out on the 6th, kill me please I'm so nervous! (´⊙ω⊙`)