MBTI | Wrong stereotypes about INFJ

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So I found this on the INFJ Facebook page and I find this pretty accurate...

Stereotype #1: INFJs are rare snowflakes who are wildly unlike any other type and are incredibly difficult to understand.

Reality: Though they are statistically the rarest type, this does not mean that INFJs are the most creative or the most individualistic type (that would be INFP on both counts). In reality, INFJs have extroverted feeling, which means they’re highly in tune with social norms and value fitting in with a group above expressing their individuality. They are statistically rare in the sense that their specific combination of cognitive functions is uncommon, but this does not mean that they are the misunderstood artists of the world (Again, that would be INFPs or ISFPs).

{Even though I found myself quite fitting to this stereotype, I do find some INFJs who are not as individualistic, as in, some of them fit into a certain group and even become a leader; they do enjoy their own quiet time but when it comes to group work they would still make an effort to blend in. And then there's me who don't even bother to join the discussion in the group, unless the topic they're discussing sound intriguing to me. Most of the time I will just do the drawing/decoration part of the project and then poof- I'm back into my bulletproof introvert bubble.}


Stereotype #2: INFJs are the natural counselors of the world, who want nothing more than to care for and nurture you.

Reality: Though they certainly do care for others, INFJs can often come across as cold if you don’t know them well. They lead with introverted intuition, which makes them infinitely more interested in analyzing big-picture problems than helping you sort out your relationship issues – they are empathetic to a fault but they’d usually rather be analyzing than emphathizing.

{So far the INFJs I have met are all very good advisers. They are really warm and friendly. I have once mistaken an INFJ as an INTJ, just because she appears to be SUPER analytical and logical. Also when it comes to relationship issues I get very rational and all.}


What I found on Google Search lolll

INFJs are old souls, I approve.
INFJs are weird, I approve.
INFJs are crazy, I approve. (We look normal outside but cray cray on the inside.)
INFJs are rare, hmmm I doubt that tho. (Met 5 INFJs in my life, most of them are in IB.) 
INFJs are annoying, ehhh, don't think so. (I don't talk much how can I be annoying, unless you find my passive aggression annoying HEH.)

P/s: Maybe I should write a post about INFJs that I know of that would be quite cool.

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