Recent Korean dramas I've been watching...

The Producers. Watched it just for the sake of Kim Soo Hyun but now I'm hooked by the story plot!

Orange Marmalade. A love story between a vampire and a normal human being. This drama is quite typical, even though now I've only watched until episode 6, I can sort of predict what will happen next already. :/

Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Watched it because of Kim Woo Bin. Love it mostly because of the psychological contents inside. (Psychology students will appreciate this drama a lot)

Blood. Watched until episode 2 and felt bored already. The whole vampire thing going on again. Plus the female lead character was acting cocky while performing surgery. (and God knows how much I dislike cocky people so I've decided not to continue watching this drama)

Who Are You: School 2015. I started watching this drama without knowing that this drama is actually trending. *I clicked the thumbnail just because I see Nam Joo Hyuk in the poster HEHEH*
Anyways, even though this drama is quite typical with all the memory loss, long lost twins and love triangle, I find it interesting because there's a lot of plot twist in it, which intrigues me to watch more.
So I would recommend you guys to watch this drama, totally worth your time and energy.

Happy binge-watching! :P