Dandioy's Video | Timelapse drawing #2

A portrait request from Emilia :)

I feel like I did not do it justice but oh wells.

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Dandioy's Doodle | Time flies

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Dandioy's Video | Timelapse drawing #1

Some people thought that I can only draw cartoons, but I can actually draw anime and real people portraits too! 


By the way, I have always thought that purple and orange is such a great colour combination. Contrasting, striking and attention-catching yet not too pretentious. 

Enjoy the video and you can request any kind of timelapse drawing from me :)

Dandioy's Doodle | Expectation vs Reality: After IB



I was curious about my birth year, which is 1995. So I googled it up and this website, http://whathappenedinmybirthyear.com/, popped out.

So here it goes...


In 1995, the world was a different place.

There was no Google yet.

In 1995, the year of your birth, the top selling movie was Toy Story. People buying the popcorn in the cinema lobby had glazing eyes when looking at the poster.

People were indeed watching movies in the cinema, and not downloading them online. Imagine the packed seats, the laughter, the excitement, the novelty.

(my favourite animation movie is born in the same year of my birth :O)

Do you know who won the Oscars that year? The academy award for the best movie went to Braveheart. The Oscar for best foreign movie that year went to Antonia's Line. The top actor was Nicolas Cage for his role as Ben Sanderson in Leaving Las Vegas. The top actress was Susan Sarandon for her role as Helen Prejean in Dead Man Walking. The best director? Mel Gibson for Braveheart.

In the year 1995, the time when you arrived on this planet, books were still popularly read on paper, not on digital devices. Trees were felled to get the word out. The number one US bestseller of the time was The Rainmaker by John Grisham. Oh, that's many years ago. Have you read that book? 

Have you heard of it? Look at the cover!

In 1995... The World Trade Organization, WTO, is established to replace the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT. The Draupner wave in the North Sea in Norway is detected, confirming the existence of freak waves. Valeri Polyakov completes 366 days in space while aboard the Mir space station, breaking a duration record. U.S. President Bill Clinton invokes emergency powers, to extend a $20 billion loan to help Mexico avert financial collapse Members of the group Patriot's Council are convicted in Minnesota of manufacturing ricin. The 67th Academy Awards take place in Los Angeles, hosted by David Letterman. Jacques Chirac is elected president of France. Japanese police besiege the headquarters of Aum Shinrikyo near Mount Fuji and arrest cult leader Shoko Asahara. South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup. Dozens of US cities, most notably Chicago and Milwaukee, set all-time record high temperatures. Microsoft releases Windows 95. O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of double murder for the deaths of former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. NASA loses contact with the Pioneer 11 probe. Hacker Kevin Mitnick is arrested by the FBI and charged with breaking into some of the United States' most "secure" computer systems. The final original Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is published. The US National Highway Designation Act ends the federal 55 mph speed limit. The video game of the day was Warcraft II.

That was the world you were born into. Since then, you and others have changed it.

The Nobel prize for Literature that year went to Seamus Heaney. The Nobel Peace prize went to Joseph Rotblat. The Nobel prize for physics went to Martin Lewis Perl from the United States for the discovery of the tau lepton and for pioneering experimental contributions to lepton physics. The sensation this created was big. But it didn't stop the planets from spinning, on and on, year by year. Years in which you would grow bigger, older, smarter, and, if you were lucky, sometimes wiser. Years in which you also lost some things. Possessions got misplaced. Memories faded. Friends parted ways. The best friends, you tried to hold on. This is what counts in life, isn't it?

The 1990s were indeed a special decade. The Nineties saw the beginnings of the World Wide Web, originating at CERN. Email becomes popular. The Soviet Union dissolved. Living standards in East Asia and Europe generally improved. The Cold War ends. Iraqi forces invade Kuwait. A UN coalition force led by the US was sent to the Persian Gulf, and aerial bombing of Iraq began. The Kosovo War took place. The Ethiopian Civil War ends. Dolly, a sheep, is cloned. The Global Positioning System GPS becomes fully operational. Genetically engineered crops are developed for commercial use. Intel develops the Pentium processor. The Java programming language is created. Microsoft released Windows 95. In Los Angeles, riots occur after the police brutality case involving Rodney King. Great Britain hands sovereignty of Hong Kong to China. East Timor breaks away from Indonesian control. US president Bill Clinton was involved in the Lewinsky scandal. Dogme 95 becomes an important artistic movement in European film. Teen soap Beverly Hills 90210 has its long run. Baywatch becomes the most watched show in history. On MTV, reality television makes its beginning. Nelson Mandela is elected president of South Africa. Germany was reunified. The prediction of computer bug Y2K spreads fear.

Do you know what was on the cover of Life that year?

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... it's 1995. There's TV noise coming from the second floor. Someone turned up the volume way too high. The sun is burning from above. These were different times. The show playing on TV is NewsRadio. The sun goes down. Someone switches channels. There's In The House on now. That's the world you were born in.

Progress, year after year. Do you wonder where the world is heading towards?

1995 was the year
I came up for trial
I listened to his song
And watched the sun
Make the shadows long

That's from the song Tomb Of Liegia by Team Sleep.

In 1995, a new character entered the world of comic books: X-Man. Bang! Boom! But that's just fiction, right? In the real world, in 1995,Taylor Atelian was born. And Sterling Beaumon. Malin Reitan, too. And you, of course. Everyone an individual. Everyone special. Everyone taking a different path through life. 
It's 2015.

The world is a different place.

What path have you taken?


I have no idea why but after reading all these, I felt so emotional. I'm 20 years old now. I'm born in a generation of the world wide web. Why am I existing? What is my existential value? What can I contribute to the world? Can I change the world? 

It also make me realised that every single one of us is taking different paths in life; some might be into science researches, some might be into arts, music or managements. There's really no point comparing our lives to others.

Time flew. Time flies. Time is flying by so fast.

How long is my journey on earth? What can I do to make my days count?
So many questions to ponder. So many things to do, yet so little time...











Music | 弹钢琴唱歌的Cara Salimando // Novelette

我是在2010年在Youtube发现Cara Salimando的。她的声律和嗓声就像她所写的音乐那样特别。在她的歌声里,有梦幻的情丝,有忧郁的旋律,有活泼的律动,不是你typical的youtube singer。她虽然被唱片公司签下了还有自己的vevo channel 但是却迟迟不见她的音乐走红,让我觉得倍感可惜。好音乐就这样被埋没了吗?:(

Another Night,这是第一首让我认识到Cara Salimando的歌。好听的歌喉演绎的歌曲就是悦耳~还记得这首歌就是我在form 4当年的主题曲啊!

You Are 是属于比较活泼俏皮的歌,很适合一边跑步一边听的歌,听了心情很好呢!


(You were just // another lullaby // candlelight eyes // singing her to sleep // singing her to sleep)

我还记得我在form 4 的时候不是很喜欢这首歌。奇怪的事,现在重新听一次我居然超爱!是不是随着年龄增长music taste也跟着改变了呢?


Enjoy music, enjoy life! :)

Dandioy's Doodle | BITCHY RESTING FACE

I felt like I was a lot more extroverted in Sem 1 and I just kind of got more introverted later. :/

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Music | 属于春天微风的暖声 Eddy Kim

比较mainstream的KPOP三大entertainment公司,大概就是就是YG,SM,还有JYP了。YG盛产比较hiphop,黑人街头嘻哈摇滚式的团,最经典的就是Bigbang还有2NE1了,走的是swag的路线。SM的艺人大都有以下的特点,那就是团员超级多(例子有:Super Junior,Girl's Generation,当然不能不提起现在红翻半边天的EXO)。JYP走的是比较diverse的路线,有2PM(专注在跳舞还有唱歌的男团),2AM(专注在唱歌的男团)还有甜美性感路线的Miss A。


Mystic89 entertainment的Eddy Kim就是这样一个的例子。说他的歌声是那种疗愈系的根本就不为过。

让我认识到他的第一首歌曲 吉他配好声音配帅男就是我的菜 哈哈哈


也有比较调皮的一面 呵呵

Acoustic音乐终究还是我的最爱嘿。听久了摇滚嘻哈的pop music,不妨听听看这样的genre,真的很沁人心脾呢!就像是吃惯了大鱼大肉山珍海味,才会发现简简单单的粗茶淡饭家常菜才是最好的。(呃 什么烂比喻)

总之,enjoy music enjoy life!


你值得更好的 You deserve someone better





女孩,如果你刚好看到这篇文章。请记得,你是个很善良很单纯很聪明很有灵气的女孩,你deserve better。你值得找到一个非常非常喜欢你的男生,喜欢到眼里只有你,喜欢到不会去facebook stalk别的女生,喜欢到会直接100%确定你们之间的感情,而不是拖拖拉拉的。


最重要的是你的快乐 :)