IB life | Semester 4

Life has been good so far.

I realised that I have become happier recently probably because I have friends to eat lunch with me now yay!

I used to believe that introverts are okay with not being with people. But now I know that being introvert doesn't mean that you have to push other people away. As an INFJ, I still love people, it just that I need some quiet time to recharge myself.

Having friend is fun, really fun.

-Back to IB stuffs-

So far I have submitted my Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and French IAs. Maths, World Literature Essay, ToK and EE are still in the second-draft-soon-to-submit-final-draft process. Apparently, life in IB semester 4 is a lot busier than the previous semesters but I found myself happier, probably it's because of the friends I have now. My mild depression in IB semester 2 and 3 has taught me an important life lesson - friends are worth keeping because they keep you happy.

I am done with French Oral and English IOC, except ToK presentation, which I am going to present on this Monday. Gotta do my work now, here's just a quick updates about my IB life.

85 days away from IB final exam. (Yes I'm gonna do this countdown thingy in my blog to remind myself to study)

Here's a song from AKMU. (this song makes me realise how time flies and how fast IB is gonna end soon)