There are two types of people in this world.
People who analyse everything with logic,
and people who use their feelings to experience things.

Unfortunately, I'm the latter. People with enriching emotions suffer a lot.
They suffer from the struggles they experience every single day WITHIN themselves,
by asking themselves philosophical and spiritual questions and their purpose of life.
They worry about their career paths, their future, the incoming deadlines and their visions.

As if our problems are not enough,
those "analytical" people give us more trouble by misunderstanding us.
They say that we are emotional, why don't they say they're emotionless?
They say that we are overthinking, why don't they use their brain more?
They think that we are sensitive, why don't they be more careful about people's feelings?

Ugh. I'm getting tired of these kind of people.

I'm uncertain about my future, so WHAT?
You can go and live your SO ORGANISED and RISK-FREE life,
I don't care.
We, are different human being.
Not everyone wants to go your way,
you have no rights judging me.

It's tough to be a human being with complexity and individuality,
I need the time to figure out who I am, what my life purpose is,
and I don't need you to tell me what to do.

This is MY journey.

This is for the ultimate realists who try to bring me down.


Update | What I have been up to recently

Sorry for the lack of update here.

Recently I'm (and need to)

1) Filming & editing a video for my portfolio
2) Drawing stuffs for my portfolio
3) Doing my Mathematics IA
4) Doing my Psychology IA
5) Writing my English WIT essay
6) Doing my Biology IA
7) Writing my French essay
8) Researching / Writing my Biology extended essay
9) Studying for SAT subject tests (Bio, Chem & Maths)
10) Filling in my common app informations (Answering questions)

...so many things to do.

Btw, if you're interested in my portfolio, you can find it HERE.

Here's a sneak peek :P

Happy Winter Solstice Festival everyone! :)


Christmas Wishlist | Black // Polaroid // Colours

Black // Polaroid // Colours

Black // Polaroid // Colours by theabigailwong featuring beats by dr dre headphones

Complete list here.

Now y'all know I love black. *smirk*

It's weird to call myself a colour lover when I don't like to have colours on my outfits.
I enjoy seeing colours on other people tho. Am I weird? :/

Btw, don't feel obliged to buy me anything. 'Cause these are just something I would like to have.


Happy Merry Christmas! :D



Colour Life | Pantone Colour Of The Year 2015 is 18-1438TCX #Marsala!

I don't know why, but I just have a weird feeling towards this colour. Don't get me wrong, I truly find this colour intriguing, it just that the ambiguity of this colour drives me nuts. You couldn't really "differentiate" its true colour, whether it is more of a reddish-brown or a brownish-red. I can get really particular when it comes to figure out what colour it REALLY is. 

I mean, if there is more of a pinkish undertone, it should be classified under the "red" box, and if there is more of a mild yellowish tone, it should be in the "brown" box, right? The same case happens this year, when the colour of the year is Radiant Orchid. I couldn't really classify them into pink or purple. At the end I just ended up not really liking the colour. 

(As a colour lover, the struggle is real.)

Photo credits to: Jessica Yu @UjessU

Marsala looks like brown here to me.

Photo credits to: HYATTS

But in this photo, it looks more like burgundy. I secretly hope that the colour would have more of a red undertone so that I can just assume this colour is burgundy, which reminds me of FALL. Ahhh such a pretty colour and season. ;_;

Photo credits to: In Style

Photo credits to: aawep.com.au

They make AWESOME wedding colour palette too! Much class I KENOT.

(Rolling on the floor OCD-ing)

Photo credits: Pantone

You can always get some clues of COTY from Pantone's Spring palette. So I guessed the COTY should be strawberry ice, custard, lucite green OR classic blue.

I thought custard has the highest chance to be the COTY 2015 because they had a pinkish-purple tone (Radiant Orchid) in 2014 (so it's not likely to be strawberry ice), green hue (Emerald Green) in 2013 (so no lucite green), classic blue might be a staple colour for everyone already so no point making it as the COTY.

But I never thought that they would choose such a neutral, earthy colour. As compared to COTY 2014, the COTY 2015 is lack of radiance (pun intended HAHA). However, now that I have done some thinking, it actually make sense. This year, Pantone collaborated with Sephora to make cosmestic sets using the colour Radiant Orchid. Of course, if they still want to collaborate with Sephora, they have to choose some colour that is more wearable, like Marsala. A Marsala coloured lipstick sounds like a great idea! It would make great eyeshadows too! This colour really flatters every skin tone. So, I guess this COTY is still a YES from me? We shall see.




Be shameless.

This is literally how I look like recently.
(Don't mind the bed head, dark circles and that pimple on my lip)

Spot any differences? I just shaped my eyebrows yesterday. I shaved some excess stray hairs here and there around my eyebrows. Now I look fresh. Yay! 

So I have some random thoughts about beauty when I was admiring my thick eyebrows shamelessly.
#caradelevingneeyebrowsyo #allnatural #shamelessandproudofit

Sometimes I look at all the pretty people on the internet and wonder, how does it feel like to be pretty/fit/positive/flawless all the freaking time? How do they feel like waking up in the morning, standing in front of the mirror and looking at their own reflections? It must be darn good to be pretty and beautiful. But then I wonder, is there anything that I can be proud of to be myself? I know personality is important, but then it is inevitable to feel belittled when you are being compared with them by the society. Let's face the reality, sometimes looks DO really matter to some people.

How can you make yourself feel beautiful? I would say that it is important to find your best body or facial feature. Which part of your body empower you? It can be your eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, skin, boobs (not in my case lol), height, body shape, hair and even your ears!

Do you have really nice and defined collar bones? Wear a low cut tank top and show it off!
Do you have pretty eyes? Take off your glasses, wear contacts and charm the sh*t out of everyone around you!
Do you have long legs? Wear shorts, wear heels, walk like a Victoria's Secret model and don't care how does everyone think about you, 'cause girl you're the bomb!

I am a firm believer that everyone has their own beautiful and unique facial or body feature. You just need time to find it! I have already found mine:

1) I have nice eyebrows I don't even need to draw them on using makeup.
2) I have a pair of beautiful eyes with super thick eyelashes. I have that natural eyeliner effect.
3) My skin is generally healthy and it glows if I exercise regularly.
4) I am tall. I can look like a model if I wear heels (and skinny enough HAHA)

Be shameless! Love yourself and believe me, you'll be so much more happier!

What is YOUR best facial or body feature? 

Tell me in the comment section below or in the cbox!


IB Semester 3 is nearly over. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT LIKE HOW DOES TIME FLY BY SO FAST. Anyway, all my blog readers, I LOVE Y'ALL. (so do leave a comment so that I can know your existence <3)

Can't wait til IB ends so that I can blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.