So Taylor Swift's "1989" is out!

... and I 'm damn excited! :D

I just don't get why do people always give the ew-you-love-taylor-swift-face whenever I tell them I love her. The first song I ever heard from Taylor's Swift is Love Story when I was Form 2 and I'm addicted to her songs ever since! My secondary/high school theme songs are all her songs and I'm still damn proud of it. I remembered how excited I was in Form 3 when she just released her EP "Mine". I had her entire 3 albums ("Taylor Swift", "Fearless" and "Speak Now") in my Sony Ericsson phone and I kept them looping all day long when I was waiting my mum to pick me up from tuition. I listened to her songs every night when I was doing revision for my SPM test.

I did realised the fact that she wrote songs about her ex-boyfriends. SO WHAT? Ed Sheeran wrote songs about his ex and I believed that many of the celebrities did to. What is the point of pointing fingers only at Taylor when everyone else was doing the same thing? Anyways, I love her and I had witnessed her growth in her music industry. Taylor Swift had admitted that "1989" is her first pop album ever. I love her country songs but I love her transition to pop music too!

Speaking of "1989", SERIOUSLY HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER ALBUM COVER?! I totally fall in love with the polaroid style album cover, too creative! This album is going to be in my wishlist, hope that I can buy this for myself one day! <3 (If you want to buy for me also can lah HAHA)

Let's just hope that this video will not get banned by Youtube lol.