Food Hunting | My first French-Italian fine dining experience @ Cilantro Culinary Academy by Millie Lai

Trischa's friend, Millie Lai was having her final assessment in her culinary degree and her assignment was to serve 65 people for dinner. As I never tried French-Italian fine dining, I decided to seize the opportunity to go for the dinner. I was OVERJOYED when I realized that their desserts were going to be GREEN TEA OREO PARFAIT. *like, is their menu purposely tailored for me? LOL*

We arrived there around 7 at night. They gave us some sweet bread slices just to fill our empty stomaches.

<Salmon Gravlax Cream Cheese Crostini Mushroom Pâte served with crushed crackers and Mesclun Salad tossed in French Dressing>

Honestly speaking, this was my first time trying salmon as I try to avoid raw food. Allowing my teeth to sink into the flesh of the salmon, I find it fresh, soft and mouth-watering. Too bad I finished the whole salmon in one bite. Heheh, now I'm craving for salmon sushis.

The second dish was <Romano Tomato Confit and Sautéed Garden Vegetables>.

The tomato soup was just nice but I didn't get to try the garlic bread ;_;
People took my share away when I was busy taking picture of food ;_;
(Can't believe it had been two days and I'm still upset about this, what to do, life of a foodie ;_;)

Btw, my mum told me that when I was in nursery, I demanded for a doubled amount of food, if the aunties in the nursery didn't allow me to do so, I will cry out loud with all my heart and soul.
(How powerful food is ;_;)

*yes I'm not ashamed HAHA*


Third dish was <Pan-Seared Duck Breast drizzled with Cherry Red Wine Reduction sauce, Potato Duchesse>.

As I dislike the taste of meaty meat (if this makes sense), I gave my portion to Moses. The mashed potato was smooth in texture and the taste was incredible.

Finally, the best part would be the dessert! <Apple crumble bars with Green Tea Oreo Parfait>

The taste of green tea was not prominent but a hint of bitterness could be tasted so I guess it was not bad. The apple crumble bars were the best apple crumble bars I had ever had. 

Overall, I would say that I love fine dining, but the only problem is, the portion is too small D:
I'm still hungry after eating all these.

No wonder French people are skinny.