Café Hopping | The Brew Culture Café @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

#Cafehopkl has been such a HUGE trend in Kuala Lumpur recently. So, what exactly is CafehopKL?
CafeHop KL is a project mapping independent cafes around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and by "stalking" the hashtag #cafehopkl, you'll get to know all the avid café hoppers around your area.

After searching for the independent cafes on Instagram, I realised that The Brew Culture Café is just right around of the corner. In fact, it is located in Plaza Damas, which is opposite of my campus. That's mean no taxis needed to get there, WOOHOO! :D

My café hop buddies, Deanna and Xiu Ching!

The café is not as crowded as other cafés, which makes it a really nice place to sit down and chill with your friends / do your homework. FYI, free Wifi is provided in this café. The owner is super friendly and I like their services. The overall ambience is cozy and bright, which is nice because natural light makes my photos extra high definition and clear. 

I like the idea of having a mini library in the corner of the café. 

Honestly speaking, the green tea latte is not as good as Starbucks's. The taste of matcha isn't noticeable as you can see from the intensity of the green colour.

Price: RM12

Chocolate cake is not bad. (Sorry I'm bad at describing taste of food ;_;)

For me, this raspberry fruit cake is too sour, probably because of the fresh raspberry syrup. The other parts of the cake is pretty tasteless though.


I was with Xiu Ching when I was paying a second visit to this café.

We ordered mango cheesecake and Irish cream latte. The mango cheesecake is delicious and Irish cream latte is not bad (I only take a sip so I'm too sure about the taste tho)


The ambience is nice.
The drinks are just okay.
The cakes are so-so for me. #problemofhavingabakermum

Revisit? Probably. Just because it is near to my campus. HAHA

The Brew Culture,
Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
50480 Wilayah Persekutuan, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 17-683 5435



Food Hunting | My first French-Italian fine dining experience @ Cilantro Culinary Academy by Millie Lai

Trischa's friend, Millie Lai was having her final assessment in her culinary degree and her assignment was to serve 65 people for dinner. As I never tried French-Italian fine dining, I decided to seize the opportunity to go for the dinner. I was OVERJOYED when I realized that their desserts were going to be GREEN TEA OREO PARFAIT. *like, is their menu purposely tailored for me? LOL*

We arrived there around 7 at night. They gave us some sweet bread slices just to fill our empty stomaches.

<Salmon Gravlax Cream Cheese Crostini Mushroom Pâte served with crushed crackers and Mesclun Salad tossed in French Dressing>

Honestly speaking, this was my first time trying salmon as I try to avoid raw food. Allowing my teeth to sink into the flesh of the salmon, I find it fresh, soft and mouth-watering. Too bad I finished the whole salmon in one bite. Heheh, now I'm craving for salmon sushis.

The second dish was <Romano Tomato Confit and Sautéed Garden Vegetables>.

The tomato soup was just nice but I didn't get to try the garlic bread ;_;
People took my share away when I was busy taking picture of food ;_;
(Can't believe it had been two days and I'm still upset about this, what to do, life of a foodie ;_;)

Btw, my mum told me that when I was in nursery, I demanded for a doubled amount of food, if the aunties in the nursery didn't allow me to do so, I will cry out loud with all my heart and soul.
(How powerful food is ;_;)

*yes I'm not ashamed HAHA*


Third dish was <Pan-Seared Duck Breast drizzled with Cherry Red Wine Reduction sauce, Potato Duchesse>.

As I dislike the taste of meaty meat (if this makes sense), I gave my portion to Moses. The mashed potato was smooth in texture and the taste was incredible.

Finally, the best part would be the dessert! <Apple crumble bars with Green Tea Oreo Parfait>

The taste of green tea was not prominent but a hint of bitterness could be tasted so I guess it was not bad. The apple crumble bars were the best apple crumble bars I had ever had. 

Overall, I would say that I love fine dining, but the only problem is, the portion is too small D:
I'm still hungry after eating all these.

No wonder French people are skinny.