Food Hunting | Kim Gary Restaurant @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

It has been a while since I wrote a food post.
Recently I have been to Kim Gary Restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Centre.
Their food was quite amazing but a bit pricey.

Chicken Burger (RM 8.50)

Look at it! *drooling*

Carrot juice (RM 5.60) if I'm not mistaken.

Cheese baked rice with beefs and corns! (RM 18.90)
This portion was HUGE, so do ask someone to share with you.
I didn't finish mine and it was such a waste.

That's all for the food post! I definitely recommend you to try out this restaurant.
The waiters were friendly and nice as well!

Fat Abby

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Rose 提到...

Hi there! Found your interesting blog when searching for interesting eating place in Sibu. ;)

The chicken burger looks good. I love carrot juice with milk.