Where to eat in Sibu? | Anson Cafe

So I have been to Anson Cafe pretty frequently these days. At this moment I have been there for 2 times already with my family members.

This is the menu. Pretty reasonable prices huh? 

Their salads and french fries are pretty cheap as well. It would cost RM 5.00 for that amount of french fries in KL!

Their grean tea is a must-try!

Pineapple chicken rice.
This was their special dish at that moment. It will changes from time to time.

A closer look.

Caesar salad.
Even though I am not a salad person, I would give a 4.5/5 for this dish! Simply delish!

A closer look.

Chicken teriyaki spagetti. 
Taste awesome with the seaweeds on the top of the chicken!

A closer look.

Beef pepper steak.
The portion of the dish was large. My siblings couldn't finish this without my help. *HEHEH*

A closer look.

I would love to visit this cafe again! By far the best western restaurant in Sibu in my opinion.
If you are interested, here goes the address:

No.20, Shop lot 10, 3A, Wong King Huo (Ground Floor)