IB life | Semester 3

I couldn't believe the fact that I AM A SENIOR ALREADY.

Sometimes I will accidentally call my juniors seniors, which is pretty embarrassing! 
Upon the arrival of Sem 3, our assignments, internal assignments and presentations will pile up as well. I started to get a bit nervous and uptight now. Everything seems to start all over again in a new semester. It gives me a new motivation to work hard and at the same time stress.

Semester 3, I believe that I will conquer you this time. 

By the way, I finally dyed my hair. I got really annoyed by the people who kept mentioning about my white hair, as if I don't have eyes to notice them! 

I was pretty sad about the colour, I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss my brown gradient hair. 

As you can see my hair look more luminous and airy and light-weighty before, now my hair is just pitch black and boring. 

I have no idea why recently I was quite gloomy and upset. It was as if my mood got darker with my hair colour. I don't talk often and I just don't want to socialise. Everyone was asking whether I am okay or not. (and that makes me even more not okay) 

And being not okay makes me think that I am horrible, which worsen the situation. It is not easy to be such an introvert.