IB life | Semester 3

I couldn't believe the fact that I AM A SENIOR ALREADY.

Sometimes I will accidentally call my juniors seniors, which is pretty embarrassing! 
Upon the arrival of Sem 3, our assignments, internal assignments and presentations will pile up as well. I started to get a bit nervous and uptight now. Everything seems to start all over again in a new semester. It gives me a new motivation to work hard and at the same time stress.

Semester 3, I believe that I will conquer you this time. 

By the way, I finally dyed my hair. I got really annoyed by the people who kept mentioning about my white hair, as if I don't have eyes to notice them! 

I was pretty sad about the colour, I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss my brown gradient hair. 

As you can see my hair look more luminous and airy and light-weighty before, now my hair is just pitch black and boring. 

I have no idea why recently I was quite gloomy and upset. It was as if my mood got darker with my hair colour. I don't talk often and I just don't want to socialise. Everyone was asking whether I am okay or not. (and that makes me even more not okay) 

And being not okay makes me think that I am horrible, which worsen the situation. It is not easy to be such an introvert. 



IBDP International Trip 2014 | CAMBODIA

The five-day-trip to Cambodia is one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. The beauty of Cambodia totally took my breaths away. I had learnt so much from the Cambodians. Their smiles, their laughs and their lifestyle are so pure and simple. They live the minimalism life, which I completely adore. They might not be the most educated ones in the world, but I thought I could safely say that, they are the happiest people in the world.

Arrived at the LCCT with the IB friends. 

Interesting video device. 

Arrived Cambodia! Look how excited I was.

On the bus with Ivanna.

Finally arrived at Camp Beng Mealea!

Just realised there are a lot of my photos. LOL.

With Daryl, Ivanna and Sandhiya!

We went and visited some ancient temples.

Of course, selfie is a must!

Blessing ceremony. Since I'm a Christian, I just sat aside and watched them haha.

We were divided into two groups. Both of the groups took turns to do gardening and build teachers’ accommodations. I was divided into the first group. I was so excited to build the teachers’ accommodations because it was my first time getting my hands on this. We needed to build teachers’ accommodations because many teachers in Cambodia were not allowed to sleep in the classroom, hence they had no choice but to leave the school in the rural areas and go for schools that were located in the city areas. When I stepped into the school, I saw students sitting on the ground. There was a class monitor who guided his peers to read the passages in their textbook. There was only two teachers in the school when we arrived there. And yet, the students took the initiative to study on their own. It was such a breathtaking sight looking at them. We started our work at 9 in the morning. I had to break down soil to fill up the earth for the building. It was not an easy job. After that, I was put into a group with a task which is far more interesting, which is laying bricks. Laying bricks might sound easy but it was not. I needed to arrange the bricks in the way that they are alternating to each other so that the wall would not fall so easily. Besides that, I needed to apply cements between the bricks as fast as possible because the cements would dry up after awhile.

It was super exhausting day! Feeling happy inside tho.

Lunch break. May the selfie session begin!

This was the hut we slept in.

Extremely friendly and nice instructor, Sunny!

Am so fat. Need to lose weight. *cries*

They made the best breakfast!

Why do I like to take selfie so much .___.

Continue working again.

On the next day, we started our work in the garden. We had to weed the land before we could plough the land. Even though I was wearing gloves, I was still being pricked by the thorns on the weeds. It was a tough job. The roots were very hard to pull up and we need to use a hoe to remove their roots. The instructors taught us the techniques of using a hoe and it was a new skill that I had learnt from gardening. At first I taught gardening would be easier than building house, but in fact, gardening was harder because there was no shield in the garden. The sun was scorchingly hot and we needed to gulp lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated. It took us the whole morning to remove the weeds completely. In the afternoon, we used hoes to soften the soil. It was a difficult task as well. After all the weeding, ploughing, shaping the garden beds, planting the seeds and watering the plants, my body was sore. From gardening, I had realized that I take too many things for granted. I wasted my food while having good food was a luxury for some of the people in the world. I complained about having too much food when the Cambodians were happy to have a small portion of food. I had learnt to be grateful about everything that I had in life. Not everyone was as lucky as I was, and yet I took everything for granted and complaining about my life.

Day 2: working in the garden.

Draw something on the wood with Joey.

I need to lose weight.

Detailed view of my drawing.

Yay! Finished our work!

Visiting Angkor Wat and other temples!

In these two days, I had worked closely with my friends, teachers and instructors there. We had formed a closely-knitted relationship. I really admire those who volunteered to help the children. Their spirit of selflessness inspired me to be a good doctor, one who was self-abgenated and had the willingness to sacrifice oneself. I realized that the best things in life were free, like love, kindness, generiosity, gentleness, benevolence and munificence. The environment in Cambodia was so stress-relieving. When I was in Malaysia, I was having insomnia due to all the stress from homework, assignments and examinations. I was able to have some quality sleeping time in Cambodia as I was too tired because of all the work I had done in the construction site and the garden. Likewise, I was so impressed by their Khmer culture. I love how they preserve and protect the Mother Nature. The Khmer culture teaches people to save water and only use things and materials that could be recycled and reused. In the camp, we had limited usage of water and that really made me appreciating the fact that I had unlimited supply of water in Malaysia. God gave us a task to protect and take good care of the nature He created and yet, as humans, we claimed to own the nature and destroy it shamelessly. I breathed in the fresh air in Cambodia, it smelled like morning mist and wet grasses. I knew I am going to miss this beautiful place so much. This place made me feel peaceful inside.

On the fourth day, we had visited Angkor Wat and other temples which are tourist attractions in Cambodia. The temples are masterpieces that demonstrate the wisdom and prior knowledge of the ancestors of the Cambodians in architecture. Every single carving, pillar and statue reflected so much of their religion and culture. The art was completely mind-blowing and captivating. I was so inspired by their perseverance and hardwork. The buildings reminded me of a quote, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” I could imagined how much effort, skills and love they put together in order to construct these buildings. I was so inspired. Even though the sun was burning and corroding my skin, I had enjoyed my visit to the temples. One sad thing that I had encountered was to see some young kids selling souvenirs to the tourists. They were supposed to study in school at that moment of time. Due to poverty, their parents had used them to sell souvenirs to tourists in order to earn more money. Even though I really wanted to help them, I forced myself not to buy any souvenirs from them and told them to attend school. I hope one day they will know that knowledge is power, and only knowledge can change their situation. At night, we went to have buffet dinner and watched performances from the traditional dancers. Their dances were so mesmerising. I couldn’t help but snapped some pictures with some of the dancers at the end of the dance.

On the fifth day, we went back Malaysia. I felt so blessed to have this opportunity to visit Cambodia. Cambodians had taught me a lot of lessons in these short four days. They taught me to smile even in the darkest and toughest time, to laugh in our most sorrowful moments, to love our families, friends and even strangers, to give thanks for everything we have and to work hard and fight for things that we desire. A lot of people thought that we went Cambodia to teach the people, but in fact, they were the ones who taught us all the life lessons. Their pure-heartedness brought me tears. The instructors and helpers there cried when we left the campsite. We hugged each and every one of them. They were the most beautiful people I had ever seen. I remembered how they insisted in helping us to wash the dishes and how happy they were when they were dancing beside the bonfire. Everything was just so lovely and amazing. They made me realise the simplest life is the happiest life. They inspired me to live simply. They motivated me to live my life to the fullest. I would love to come back Cambodia one day. Perhaps one day, I will join the Doctors Without Borders and I will definitely use my knowledge and skills to help patients and children in Cambodia. Even though it was just a 5-day-trip, it had widen my visions and heart. The experiences were inspirational and worthwhile.



Dandioy's Thoughts | Homesick

Homesick. I think it would be safe for me to say that I am totally not a homesick person. Not even a single bit. When the others are crying over the fact that they are far away from home and not be able to see their family members often, I am totally enjoying my quiet time facebook-ing and tumblr-ing and blogspot-ing. It has alway been my dream to fly far away from home, the cage that had been imprisoning me for the past 18 years. And in June 28th 2013, I finally set my foot out of a place called home, a place that consists of my lovely family members, a place that I spent my entire life. Sibu is a small town and since young I knew for the fact that this place will not be my final destination. The big dream in me keeps driving me to do something beyond my reach, exceed my limits and go for the best. 

For me, being homesick is a sign of weakness, a symptom that shows one could not stand challenges and pressures. I want to be big, I wish to be huge, I crave for success. I want to be the most sparkling star in the night sky, I want to be the moon and the sun. Every single day, I just tell myself to be independent and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. But, IB is tough, especially when I feel that there is no one there to support me. And I start to miss how my sister listening to my complains, how my brother accepting my sarcasm, how my mother nagging about how untidy my bedroom is, how my father giving me life advises and how my little sister calling me an ugly fat pig. Yes, I do miss them all. Staying alone in the hustling bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, I do feel scared a lot of times, especially I am walking alone back to my apartment from my college in the middle of the night, when I am standing in the middle of the road, trying to get myself a taxi, when I am shopping with my friends, feeling not a part in their groups. 

Here I am, sitting on my bed in Sibu, typing this emo post, I just want to say, now, in this moment, I have always missed home. I just feel contended watching some old Hong Kong drama with my siblings and I love how prepared we are to switch off the TV when mom's going to come back because she will be so mad at us watching TV instead of studying. I will always give an extra chicken wing to my little sister whenever she just want to eat more. I will continue calling my little brother a big fat pig until he is willing to lose weight. I will still acting like a child in front of my mom and let her nag how dependent and childish I am. And I realise, I have always been homesick-ing. It just that I don't want anyone to know about this. But now, I want to tell everyone, yes, I am weak, I am lazy, I am dependent and I am not tidy at all. Home, is the place that will accept all my weakness no matter what, even my weirdness. Next time, if someone asks me whether I am homesick or not, I will definitely say yes. Homesick, is not a weakness. Home, will always be my source of happiness, my source of strength and my source of faith. With home, there is always hope. 

I love you my home, I really do.

Love ya,

Where to eat in Sibu? | Anson Cafe

So I have been to Anson Cafe pretty frequently these days. At this moment I have been there for 2 times already with my family members.

This is the menu. Pretty reasonable prices huh? 

Their salads and french fries are pretty cheap as well. It would cost RM 5.00 for that amount of french fries in KL!

Their grean tea is a must-try!

Pineapple chicken rice.
This was their special dish at that moment. It will changes from time to time.

A closer look.

Caesar salad.
Even though I am not a salad person, I would give a 4.5/5 for this dish! Simply delish!

A closer look.

Chicken teriyaki spagetti. 
Taste awesome with the seaweeds on the top of the chicken!

A closer look.

Beef pepper steak.
The portion of the dish was large. My siblings couldn't finish this without my help. *HEHEH*

A closer look.

I would love to visit this cafe again! By far the best western restaurant in Sibu in my opinion.
If you are interested, here goes the address:

No.20, Shop lot 10, 3A, Wong King Huo (Ground Floor)