Where to eat in Sibu? | Taman Muhibah Food Court 亲善美食园

Taman Muhibah Food Court has always been Sibu people's favourite place to "minum-minum" on the weekends. Not only that their food is delicious, but also that their food is cheap! 

Every time I go back to Sibu I will always pay here a visit to fix my kampua (traditional Foochow's noodles) and fruits shaved ice cravings.

Xiong Kee (祥记) always offer the best kampua in Sibu! 

Fruits shaved ices (水果冰) from No. 5 stall are the best! Remember to order this if you visit here! You will see lots of people ordering this! 


Taman Muhibah Food Court
Jalan Pedada, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia