IB life | 030514

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Clive! :> You know I will be your very best, low density friend in Sibu who always support you to the very end! :)


I just came back from Cambodia this afternoon. It was an annual IB cambodia trip. Our senior went there last year and this year is our turn to go there. Overall, it was one of the most amazing experience that I ever had in my entire life. The whole trip itself is a huge inspiration for me and it inspires me to think of what I want to do, what I want to be in the future. God is good. When i am lost, He will always take care of me and guide me in the dark. I guess I had found the light now. 

Anyways, I will post up a post about my FABULOUS Cambodia trip very soon. So stay tuned! 

Here is some sneak peek:

photo credits to: Miss Lauren

Lotsa love,