Food Hunting | Italiana Bionda @ Plaza Damas

Okay it is an overdue post again. Daryl, Ivanna, Thiiban, Kai Chung and I went to Italiana Bionda @ Plaza Damas last year. (told you this is overdued post :P) The lasagne I ordered is Lasagne Bolognese. The price is somewhere around RM 12 - 15. I was quite disappointed because the lasagne was not as good as it was when I paid my first visit there. The food was nicer when they just started their shop. Somehow it got worse every time I went back. 

So what is the problem of the lasagne? Personally I like super duper cheesy lasagne. When I was eating the lasagne, it gave me an impression that the shop was trying to cut down its cost by reducing the amount of cheese. (I mean, what's the point of eating lasagne if it is not cheesy enough?) The amount of beef inside was very little too. I felt like I was just eating the lasagne layers. (.______.)

Maybe one day I am craving for lasagne, I will come back again. I hope they will get better tho!

P/s: I am not a professional food critic, however, these are just my honest opinion as a customer.

Love always,