Food Hunting | Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread & Green Tea Tower Bingsu from Caffé Bene @ Solaris Dutamas

Another food review time!

This is my second visit to Caffé Bene but this time I went to the Solaris Dutamas branch instead of Sunway Pyramid branch. (If you want to read my last review @Sunway Pyramid, click HERE.)

So Ivanna and I was studying in Student Success room in college and we wanted to have dinner. And Ivanna was like, let's go eat at Caffé Bene. And I was like, but it's far! Then Ivanna told me it is just nearby Publika and we could just walk there if we want. (So that we can save some taxi fares and burn calories) It was an impromptu decision, but I love the idea because it just make food hunting so much more adventurous! We are hardcore and we know it! 

#Food&FitnessWeWantedItAll #6kmBack&Forth #Nobiggie

After 30 minutes of walking we finally arrived Caffé Bene! We was quite worried that we couldn't find the shop like what happened to us in Sunway Pyramid. But this time we are blessed because it is quite easy to find. It is located nearby Cold Storage. We were so happy when we found the place. LOL

The design of the shop is similar to the one in Sunway Pyramid. It was still crowded like the one in Sunway Pyramid but the difference between them is you don't need to queue for a long time here even though there is still quite an amount of people here.

And here is my happy face!

The Caffé Bene buzzer and our receipt.

Our food has finally arrived!

Food item:


Green Tea Tower Bingsu single size (RM 12.80)

There is one thing about me is, I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. When I found something I love, I will stick to that for the rest of my life ever since. If you had read my last post, you will realise that I ordered Green Tea Tower Bingsu before. I love it, and I had mentioned that I will try other flavours next time but I came back ordering the same thing again. (Sorry I will try coffee or strawberry flavour next time :P)

This bingsu tastes awesome as usual. On the top, there is whipped cream with green tea gelato hidden underneath, then there is some red bean fillings and a myriad types of nuts which are almonds, cashew nuts and walnut. On the very bottom is just plain shaved ice. I had seen a lot of people giving bad reviews about this bingsu because they said that the shaved ice has no flavour. 

Hello people! You are supposed to smash all the fillings together with the shaved ice lah. If you just eat everything on the top first of course there is only ice at the bottom no flavour one liao mah. (Malaysian mode ON)

A single size is definitely enough for two people so there is no need to upgrade it to a double size in my opinion. You should definitely give this green tea tower bingsu a try because the serving is huge and it tastes wonderful. Therefore I recommend you this, especially if you are a green tea lover like me. 

P/s: The green tea gelato is not too sweet so don't worry you won't die of diabetes eating this.

 Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread (RM 16.00)

So this is a new food item for my tastebuds. I had read so many good reviews about this and I was like, what not? I was craving for this so hard that I searched this on instagram with the hashtag #caffebene every night before sleep. Sound hardcore but this is me, such a 吃货 (In Mandarin it means people who only know how to eat)

First, I think they blended some sugar with whipped cream which explains the sweetened flavour. However it is not that overwhelming tho so don't be intimidated. The honey bread is SOOOOO SOFT and it smells sooo good! Ivanna said they added a lot of butter in the bread, that's why it smells amazeballs, but who cares about calories when you have such an eye candy right in front of you speaking EAT ME NOW I AM SO DELICIOUS. Okay maybe I am a bit too over.

If you are a cinnamon lover, I would recommend this to you. Totally worth the money!

And that's all for my food review. I hope I can be more adventurous next time. Next targets will be Misugaru latte, Blueberry yoghurt and Gelato Waffle!

Visit the caffe here:
Business Hour: 9.30am - 12.00am. 
 K-G-04, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.