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HEY GUYS. Remember I told you I joined a contest, called The Youth Awards before? Well, I am happy to announce that I made it to the FINAL ROUND OF THE CONTEST. I was so shocked because I never made any effort to promote and private-messaging people to vote for me. It was indeed a surprise for me. In the first round, we were required to write an short essay about ourselves (Introduction, dreams and missions, why I should be the Malaysian Youth ambassador). In the second round, we were required to take a photo with a product they wanted us to promote. I got Himalaya Neem Face Wash and the embarrassing thing was, I "borrowed" the product from a pharmacy in the mall because it was too expensive for me. Ivanna and I told the owner that we joined this contest, called The Youth Awards and the sponsors of the contest required us to do this. I bet he think that we are some weird kids. LOL. 

For the final round, we are required to make a video about our missions as a Malaysian youth ambassador and insert an advertisement into our video in the most natural way. I got the inspiration from the Draw My Life video from Youtube. I had always been wanting to do this, finally I had an excuse. HAHA. I took around 30 minutes to record the whole video, and around 4 hours of editing (which include my script in the video. YES, I just drew it spontaneously without referring to any script. I just drew whatever that bumped into my mind.)

The script-writing and voice recording part is the most painful part. You know, if I make any grammatical mistakes I will sure just get bombarded by my IB friends and I will sure be the laughing stock again. Sometimes correcting people's grammar mistakes are perfectly fine, but remember not to overdo it. It hurts. I feel like I am getting worse in speaking English because my confidence level is so low. When every single of your friends can speak English so well, you just get frustrated about yourself. But now I prefer to ignore them. I couldn't just look down on myself because of my weird accents and my disability to construct an error-free sentence.


(If you speak Mandarin to me I will sure find a mountain of your grammatical errors that could poison a whole sea of fish) Put yourself into someone's shoes before you judge.


Hello people! I’m Abigail Wong. I’m 19 this year and I’m currently studying in Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas.
I feel very honoured to make it to the Final round of The Youths Awards. And this is my video!

I am a proud Malaysian who lives in the land of Hornbill, Sarawak. If I am given the chance to be the Malaysian youth ambassador, I will unite the East Malaysians and the West Malaysians. A lot of people misunderstand that the East Malaysia is underdeveloped. However, it is not true. There are both cities and rural areas in the East Malaysia.

Last year, I flew all the way from my hometown Sibu, the Swan City, to Kuala Lumpur to further my studies. I realised that the east and west malaysian have no differences at all.

Blessed with a vast land area, there are many small settlements in the interior of Sarawak, reachable only by rivers and logging roads.  Education for rural children is a luxury. Their parents make sacrifices to make sure their children get some basic education. However, the authorities are not providing good facilities and infrastructure for the children in the school. A lot of schools are forced to shut down due to  the poor conditions and lack of maintenance of the school.
So I was thinking, what can we do, to make Malaysia a better place to stay? What can we do, to unite Malaysians? What can we do, to show other countries that Malaysia is a place of love?

Then I got an idea, which is to unite every Malaysian, Chinese, Malays and Indians, all of them, and spread the love to places that deserve more love. We can give them books, lots of books, we can give them money to build schools and facilities. They have the right to receive the love they deserve. They have the right to learn and study in a safe environment.

Let us make Malaysia a united country. No matter where you are from, let us stand hand in hand, and make Malaysia a place of love. And show the world that Malaysia is a wonderful country to live in.

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Thank you for watching!

Love always,