Dandioy's Diary | 040514 Morning Jog. God's Message. Free Starbucks. The Youth Awards.

I usually blog when I am in Starbucks, or at home. Now I'm in Starbucks.

I would say I am a very blessed happy abby today because of many beautiful little things that happened on me today. 

1st beautiful thing: Morning jog
It has been a while since I jogged. Laziness often conquered the physical me and left the mental me crying inside my head for not jogging / working out / doing something productive. Besides usually my weekend plans will be screwed up by my messed up biological clock as I always stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays. Now I am very happy to say that I get my normal healthy sleep cycle back because of the Cambodia trip I went a couple of days ago. I finally convinced myself to wake up early and managed to jog before I went to church. I ran 3.5 km, it is not a long distance but still I'm contented.

2nd beautiful thing: God's message
It has been a while since I went to church. (Again because of my stupid screwed up epigenetic clock) I just felt so happy that I am able to receive God's message today. The worship session today was amazing as always, listening to the heavenly rhythm, raising my hands up for Holy Spirit, closing my eyes to feel God's presence, leaving all my burdens to God, all these were such blessings for me. It was good to go back home. 

Today's preacher is Pastor Joshua Lee, (if not mistaken LOL) who is one of the founder member of the Singapore's New Covenant Church. Today's message is about how God's grace will shine upon us, sinners even though we sinned, and how God will NEVER abandon us when we are in the mist of hardship. I am blessed. 

3rd beautiful thing: Free Starbucks

One of the Starbucks barista gave me a free cup of venti green tea latte when I was about to purchase one. She said that the drink was made extra by other barista. So I saved my RM 12.30. Truly blessed.

Btw, I joined a competition called "The Youth Awards". Please click on the link below and press "UNLOCK". (You need to create an account first, yes I know it's troublesome, but do this for me please? Pretty pretty please? *Puppy's eyes*)

Very ugly poster I know. 
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shirt I got for Zoe in Cambodia :)
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