My blog has been "bannerless" for the pass few months because I am just THAT indecisive. Every time I put up a banner, I will sure take it down after 1 day because it just get uglier every time I look at it. I hope this will last for at least 1 month.

As you can see the colour scheme of my blog now is mainly grey and white, with an accent of violet. I love it a lot so far. Minimalism at its best. And I love the London city skyline in the letter "O" a lot. It reminds me to study harder so that I can get into UK universities.

 I would like my reader to enjoy their time reading my blog. I really couldn't stand it when I read blogs which have a hell lot crazy amount of colours going on there. I mean, colours are beautiful, but still you need to know how to match colours. 

Neon orange + neon red + neon blue = total mess 

I will get headache reading that kind of blogs. 

Besides, I added my instagram widget below the banner. I kinda love this. If you visit my blog and I haven't updated my blog yet, at least you can still see my latest updates on instagram. 

Also, I added the "Posts you might want to read" section, this section is more educational and I definitely put in more effort in writing those.

And I created these cute hashtags label clouds! Cute right! Simple yet classy!

"Book wishlist" section added as well. Just wanna let you guys know what book I have been reading. (and if you want to buy me those books also can lah)

That's all! Do you like my new blog layout? Tell me in the comment below! :)


Love always,