About Dandioy

I had written this when I was 15 something. I even wrote down all the prizes and awards I got throughout the years. Damn embarassing. If you wanna read, click HERE.

Since this is such an outdated post, I figured out that maybe I should write a new one.

Random facts about me

  1. My real name is Abigail Wong, you can just call me Abby.
  2. My webname is Dandioy, which is a short form of Dandelionying.
  3. I am a Malaysian Chinese. 
  4. I was born on 5th of Jan 1995 15:15 on a Thursday (fifth day of the week). Hence my favourite numbers are 1 and 5.
  5. I am 171 cm, which is 5.61024 feet tall. Growing up I am always the tallest girl in my class.
  6. I speak Foochow (Chinese dialect), Mandarin, Malay, English and some French. Currently learning Korean from Youtube videos.
  7. I'm from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. People always think that I live on trees. Oh well.
  8. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. I love them.
  9. I am a colour lover. PANTONE is my favourite colour authority. 
  10. My all-time-favourite colours are violet, earth tones, black, grey & white.
  11. I am a self-taught artist. I have been drawing since I was 3. I won The One Academy Malaysian Top 10 Young Artist Awards in 2013. You have a look at my artworks by clicking the PORTFOLIO column.
  12. I own a Wacom Bamboo tablet and his name is Bambi. I love him to bits. I got it since 2009. I use it to draw all my digital arts.
  13. I would say I am a minimalist. I like to keep everything simple.
  14. People call me an "old soul". I think a lot and "appear" to be wise.
  15. I used to think that I love big cities. But now I have the constant urge to move into the forest. 
  16. I don't fancy fashion, but I love nice minimalism style. One of my favourite brand is Everlane.
  17. I have been blogging since 2008. I used to write a lot of Chinese. Now mostly English.
  18. I am an INFJ, which is 1-2% of the human population. Yes, I am unique.
  19. I used to be ashamed for the fact that I am an introvert. But now I am proud being one. #silentpower
  20. I am a Ravenclaw even though I wish I am a Slytherin. (All my siblings are Slytherins!)
  21. I hate small talks, they make me feel uncomfortable. I fancy deep and meaningful conversations.
  22. I listen to indie, 1900s Chinese songs and movie soundtracks. Sometimes I tend to avoid people who listen to mainstream music. (SORRY.)
  23. I hate any form of parties in pubs or nightclubs. I love having one or two best friends to spend quality time together in a coffee shop.
  24. If I'm willing to spend my energy to talk to you, you better be grateful about that.
  25. My favourite Starbucks drinks are americanos and green tea lattes.
  26. I'm afraid of animals. I had a traumatizing experience being chased after a dog. I just overcame my fear towards dogs in July 2015, so YAY!
  27. I love to travel. I had been to Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore and Cambodia. My next destinations (hopefully) will be France, Korea and Japan.
  28. I love photography. I am a photography enthusiast as I take lots of photos.
  29. I love food. Especially high calories food. (Definitely feeling guilty about that)
  30. I love green tea. Green tea latte, green tea gelato, green tea EVERYTHING. (My wet tissues and facial wash are green tea scented. LOL)
  31. I love Totoro. Totoros are the cutest. 
  32. I love Disney. My favourite movies are Tarzan, Mulan, Lion King and Pinocchio. 
  33. I love big oversized framed glasses and beanies.
  34. I have natural white hair at young age. Genetic problem. And I hate people keep bringing up this issue and asking me to dye it.
  35. I am always on diet. (It never worked but at least I am still trying)
  36. I jog so that I can eat more food I want.
  37. My favourite places are coffee shops and bookstores. 
  38. I studied in Tian En Tang Kindergarten, Methodist Primary School and Methodist Secondary School.
  39. After secondary school I joined National Service. (definitely one of most memorable experiences I had in my life. No worries. Just fun.)
  40. After National Service I worked as an intern in an architecture company for two months.
  41. I am currently studying in Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur under MOE scholarship.
  42. I want to pursue a neuroscience degree in university. 
  43. I am under stress all the time and the weird thing is I love the adrenaline rush it gives me.
  44. I want to be a neurosurgeon, writer and artist. 
  45. My favourite weekends will be me sitting in my bed reading books while drinking a cup of green tea with soft instrumental music playing in the background. 
  46. I want to do crazy things before I die. Like backpack travelling and bungee jumping.
  47. I believe my life mission is to help people.
  48. One of my biggest dream is to inspire people. It could be through art (animation has always been my biggest inspiration since young) or writing (I write in Mandarin and I had won some awards before)
  49. I am a Christian. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me. He is my saviour. He is my shepherd. He is the way, the truth and the life. 
  50. I love my blog readers. Thank you so much for reading even though my blog isn't as interesting as others. (and a lot of grammatical mistakes and limited vocabularies) If you like my blog, follow me on Google Followers, Instagram and add me on Facebook. Don't forget to like and share my posts and click the advertisements in my blog so that I can earn some money to sustain my food hunting journey and write more food reviews. (haha, excuses)
That's all. Hope you enjoy.

Lotsa love,