Dandioy's Taste in Music | The Fault in Our Stars #TFiOS soundtracks!

Recently I bought the book "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green and I am half way reading through the book. So far it is sooo good. I couldn't make any promise that I will write a book review on it, but I will try my best to finish reading it and tell you guys how I feel about that book!

ALL OF THE SOUNDTRACKS ARE OUT IN ITUNES NOW. *I can barely contain my excitement* I hope that they can have physical CD so that I can buy it. Somehow I just like to buy physical CD because I feel like I'm holding the music. (if it makes sense LOL)

The complete song list:

 1. All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran
  2. Simple As This by Jake Bugg
  3. Let Me In by Grouplove  
  4. Tee Shirt by Birdy
  5. Long Way Down by Kodaline
  6. All I Want Tom by Odell
  7. Boom Clap by Charli XCX
  8. While I'm Alive by Strfkr
  9. Oblivion by Indians
10. Strange Things WIll Happen by The Radio Dept.
11. Bomfallarella by Afasi & Filthy
12. Without Words by Ray LaMontagne
13. Not About Angels by Birdy  
14. No One Ever Loved by Lykke Li
15. Wait by M83
16. Best Shot (Bonus Track) 

I am sad because Troye Sivan's "The Faults in Our Stars" is not included in the movie soundtrack list. WHYYY. 

"All in Our Stars" by Ed Sheeran. All I can say is, Ed you never disappoint me. SO MUCH FEELS I CANNOT.

And here is the playlist of the soundtracks! I have no words. They are so beautiful. ;_;

ENJOY, OKAY? (haha my #TFiOS obsession :P)



Dandioy's Video | The Youth Awards Final Round - LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT!

HEY GUYS. Remember I told you I joined a contest, called The Youth Awards before? Well, I am happy to announce that I made it to the FINAL ROUND OF THE CONTEST. I was so shocked because I never made any effort to promote and private-messaging people to vote for me. It was indeed a surprise for me. In the first round, we were required to write an short essay about ourselves (Introduction, dreams and missions, why I should be the Malaysian Youth ambassador). In the second round, we were required to take a photo with a product they wanted us to promote. I got Himalaya Neem Face Wash and the embarrassing thing was, I "borrowed" the product from a pharmacy in the mall because it was too expensive for me. Ivanna and I told the owner that we joined this contest, called The Youth Awards and the sponsors of the contest required us to do this. I bet he think that we are some weird kids. LOL. 

For the final round, we are required to make a video about our missions as a Malaysian youth ambassador and insert an advertisement into our video in the most natural way. I got the inspiration from the Draw My Life video from Youtube. I had always been wanting to do this, finally I had an excuse. HAHA. I took around 30 minutes to record the whole video, and around 4 hours of editing (which include my script in the video. YES, I just drew it spontaneously without referring to any script. I just drew whatever that bumped into my mind.)

The script-writing and voice recording part is the most painful part. You know, if I make any grammatical mistakes I will sure just get bombarded by my IB friends and I will sure be the laughing stock again. Sometimes correcting people's grammar mistakes are perfectly fine, but remember not to overdo it. It hurts. I feel like I am getting worse in speaking English because my confidence level is so low. When every single of your friends can speak English so well, you just get frustrated about yourself. But now I prefer to ignore them. I couldn't just look down on myself because of my weird accents and my disability to construct an error-free sentence.


(If you speak Mandarin to me I will sure find a mountain of your grammatical errors that could poison a whole sea of fish) Put yourself into someone's shoes before you judge.


Hello people! I’m Abigail Wong. I’m 19 this year and I’m currently studying in Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas.
I feel very honoured to make it to the Final round of The Youths Awards. And this is my video!

I am a proud Malaysian who lives in the land of Hornbill, Sarawak. If I am given the chance to be the Malaysian youth ambassador, I will unite the East Malaysians and the West Malaysians. A lot of people misunderstand that the East Malaysia is underdeveloped. However, it is not true. There are both cities and rural areas in the East Malaysia.

Last year, I flew all the way from my hometown Sibu, the Swan City, to Kuala Lumpur to further my studies. I realised that the east and west malaysian have no differences at all.

Blessed with a vast land area, there are many small settlements in the interior of Sarawak, reachable only by rivers and logging roads.  Education for rural children is a luxury. Their parents make sacrifices to make sure their children get some basic education. However, the authorities are not providing good facilities and infrastructure for the children in the school. A lot of schools are forced to shut down due to  the poor conditions and lack of maintenance of the school.
So I was thinking, what can we do, to make Malaysia a better place to stay? What can we do, to unite Malaysians? What can we do, to show other countries that Malaysia is a place of love?

Then I got an idea, which is to unite every Malaysian, Chinese, Malays and Indians, all of them, and spread the love to places that deserve more love. We can give them books, lots of books, we can give them money to build schools and facilities. They have the right to receive the love they deserve. They have the right to learn and study in a safe environment.

Let us make Malaysia a united country. No matter where you are from, let us stand hand in hand, and make Malaysia a place of love. And show the world that Malaysia is a wonderful country to live in.

Transfer our love to every corner of Malaysia. Btw, do you know that you can transfer your money online now? Maybank One Solution makes it easy for you to manage all your finances. For more infos, visit www.maybank2u.com.my

Thank you for watching!

Love always,

Food Hunting | Italiana Bionda @ Plaza Damas

Okay it is an overdue post again. Daryl, Ivanna, Thiiban, Kai Chung and I went to Italiana Bionda @ Plaza Damas last year. (told you this is overdued post :P) The lasagne I ordered is Lasagne Bolognese. The price is somewhere around RM 12 - 15. I was quite disappointed because the lasagne was not as good as it was when I paid my first visit there. The food was nicer when they just started their shop. Somehow it got worse every time I went back. 

So what is the problem of the lasagne? Personally I like super duper cheesy lasagne. When I was eating the lasagne, it gave me an impression that the shop was trying to cut down its cost by reducing the amount of cheese. (I mean, what's the point of eating lasagne if it is not cheesy enough?) The amount of beef inside was very little too. I felt like I was just eating the lasagne layers. (.______.)

Maybe one day I am craving for lasagne, I will come back again. I hope they will get better tho!

P/s: I am not a professional food critic, however, these are just my honest opinion as a customer.

Love always,


Food Hunting | Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread & Green Tea Tower Bingsu from Caffé Bene @ Solaris Dutamas

Another food review time!

This is my second visit to Caffé Bene but this time I went to the Solaris Dutamas branch instead of Sunway Pyramid branch. (If you want to read my last review @Sunway Pyramid, click HERE.)

So Ivanna and I was studying in Student Success room in college and we wanted to have dinner. And Ivanna was like, let's go eat at Caffé Bene. And I was like, but it's far! Then Ivanna told me it is just nearby Publika and we could just walk there if we want. (So that we can save some taxi fares and burn calories) It was an impromptu decision, but I love the idea because it just make food hunting so much more adventurous! We are hardcore and we know it! 

#Food&FitnessWeWantedItAll #6kmBack&Forth #Nobiggie

After 30 minutes of walking we finally arrived Caffé Bene! We was quite worried that we couldn't find the shop like what happened to us in Sunway Pyramid. But this time we are blessed because it is quite easy to find. It is located nearby Cold Storage. We were so happy when we found the place. LOL

The design of the shop is similar to the one in Sunway Pyramid. It was still crowded like the one in Sunway Pyramid but the difference between them is you don't need to queue for a long time here even though there is still quite an amount of people here.

And here is my happy face!

The Caffé Bene buzzer and our receipt.

Our food has finally arrived!

Food item:


Green Tea Tower Bingsu single size (RM 12.80)

There is one thing about me is, I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. When I found something I love, I will stick to that for the rest of my life ever since. If you had read my last post, you will realise that I ordered Green Tea Tower Bingsu before. I love it, and I had mentioned that I will try other flavours next time but I came back ordering the same thing again. (Sorry I will try coffee or strawberry flavour next time :P)

This bingsu tastes awesome as usual. On the top, there is whipped cream with green tea gelato hidden underneath, then there is some red bean fillings and a myriad types of nuts which are almonds, cashew nuts and walnut. On the very bottom is just plain shaved ice. I had seen a lot of people giving bad reviews about this bingsu because they said that the shaved ice has no flavour. 

Hello people! You are supposed to smash all the fillings together with the shaved ice lah. If you just eat everything on the top first of course there is only ice at the bottom no flavour one liao mah. (Malaysian mode ON)

A single size is definitely enough for two people so there is no need to upgrade it to a double size in my opinion. You should definitely give this green tea tower bingsu a try because the serving is huge and it tastes wonderful. Therefore I recommend you this, especially if you are a green tea lover like me. 

P/s: The green tea gelato is not too sweet so don't worry you won't die of diabetes eating this.

 Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread (RM 16.00)

So this is a new food item for my tastebuds. I had read so many good reviews about this and I was like, what not? I was craving for this so hard that I searched this on instagram with the hashtag #caffebene every night before sleep. Sound hardcore but this is me, such a 吃货 (In Mandarin it means people who only know how to eat)

First, I think they blended some sugar with whipped cream which explains the sweetened flavour. However it is not that overwhelming tho so don't be intimidated. The honey bread is SOOOOO SOFT and it smells sooo good! Ivanna said they added a lot of butter in the bread, that's why it smells amazeballs, but who cares about calories when you have such an eye candy right in front of you speaking EAT ME NOW I AM SO DELICIOUS. Okay maybe I am a bit too over.

If you are a cinnamon lover, I would recommend this to you. Totally worth the money!

And that's all for my food review. I hope I can be more adventurous next time. Next targets will be Misugaru latte, Blueberry yoghurt and Gelato Waffle!

Visit the caffe here:
Business Hour: 9.30am - 12.00am. 
 K-G-04, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.



Food hunting | Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino

Just so you know, Starbucks has introduced a new beverage, which is the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino. There is this cray cray promotion going on now by having a frappuccino happy hour: from May 3rd to 12th, from 3 to 5 p.m., all frappuccinos are half off. 

So I decided to give this "extraordinary flavor" a try as at the whole facebook page, most people are giving good reviews about this drink. I checked the calories online (even though I won't fully trust Starbucks) and it is 470 calories. It's high I know, but I HAVE TO TRY. (My blog readers need my beverage reviews)

Screencap from Starbucks website

So I ordered this in Starbucks @Hartamas Shopping Centre. As usual the baristas there are super nice and they recommend me to buy this as I am going to get the half-price discount.

I never wanted any whipped cream because the texture is weird for me. (Yay for reducing calories) Okay go back to our topic! In my opinion, the drink is TOO SWEET for me, for those who don't fancy sweet drinks, please ask your barista to reduce the sweetness or else you will die of diabetes like me. For the first time in my life I wished I can finish the drink as soon as possible so that I can gulp gallons and gallons of water into my stomach. (I mean it's Starbucks cannot waste it right) However, I like the crumbly texture of the sugar mixed with the dark caramel syrup, I just wish that it was not as sweet. Seems that green tea latte is still my favourite.

For those caramel lovers and those who has lesser tolerance of the taste of coffee out there, I would definitely recommend you to give this a try! But if you don't like sweet drinks, better don't try it even though it is such a great deal. :'(

Would I come back for this? Definitely no. I will still stick to my GTL.

P/s: This is not a sponsored post and this is truly my honest review.




My blog has been "bannerless" for the pass few months because I am just THAT indecisive. Every time I put up a banner, I will sure take it down after 1 day because it just get uglier every time I look at it. I hope this will last for at least 1 month.

As you can see the colour scheme of my blog now is mainly grey and white, with an accent of violet. I love it a lot so far. Minimalism at its best. And I love the London city skyline in the letter "O" a lot. It reminds me to study harder so that I can get into UK universities.

 I would like my reader to enjoy their time reading my blog. I really couldn't stand it when I read blogs which have a hell lot crazy amount of colours going on there. I mean, colours are beautiful, but still you need to know how to match colours. 

Neon orange + neon red + neon blue = total mess 

I will get headache reading that kind of blogs. 

Besides, I added my instagram widget below the banner. I kinda love this. If you visit my blog and I haven't updated my blog yet, at least you can still see my latest updates on instagram. 

Also, I added the "Posts you might want to read" section, this section is more educational and I definitely put in more effort in writing those.

And I created these cute hashtags label clouds! Cute right! Simple yet classy!

"Book wishlist" section added as well. Just wanna let you guys know what book I have been reading. (and if you want to buy me those books also can lah)

That's all! Do you like my new blog layout? Tell me in the comment below! :)


Love always,


About Dandioy

I had written this when I was 15 something. I even wrote down all the prizes and awards I got throughout the years. Damn embarassing. If you wanna read, click HERE.

Since this is such an outdated post, I figured out that maybe I should write a new one.

Random facts about me

  1. My real name is Abigail Wong, you can just call me Abby.
  2. My webname is Dandioy, which is a short form of Dandelionying.
  3. I am a Malaysian Chinese. 
  4. I was born on 5th of Jan 1995 15:15 on a Thursday (fifth day of the week). Hence my favourite numbers are 1 and 5.
  5. I am 171 cm, which is 5.61024 feet tall. Growing up I am always the tallest girl in my class.
  6. I speak Foochow (Chinese dialect), Mandarin, Malay, English and some French. Currently learning Korean from Youtube videos.
  7. I'm from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. People always think that I live on trees. Oh well.
  8. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. I love them.
  9. I am a colour lover. PANTONE is my favourite colour authority. 
  10. My all-time-favourite colours are violet, earth tones, black, grey & white.
  11. I am a self-taught artist. I have been drawing since I was 3. I won The One Academy Malaysian Top 10 Young Artist Awards in 2013. You have a look at my artworks by clicking the PORTFOLIO column.
  12. I own a Wacom Bamboo tablet and his name is Bambi. I love him to bits. I got it since 2009. I use it to draw all my digital arts.
  13. I would say I am a minimalist. I like to keep everything simple.
  14. People call me an "old soul". I think a lot and "appear" to be wise.
  15. I used to think that I love big cities. But now I have the constant urge to move into the forest. 
  16. I don't fancy fashion, but I love nice minimalism style. One of my favourite brand is Everlane.
  17. I have been blogging since 2008. I used to write a lot of Chinese. Now mostly English.
  18. I am an INFJ, which is 1-2% of the human population. Yes, I am unique.
  19. I used to be ashamed for the fact that I am an introvert. But now I am proud being one. #silentpower
  20. I am a Ravenclaw even though I wish I am a Slytherin. (All my siblings are Slytherins!)
  21. I hate small talks, they make me feel uncomfortable. I fancy deep and meaningful conversations.
  22. I listen to indie, 1900s Chinese songs and movie soundtracks. Sometimes I tend to avoid people who listen to mainstream music. (SORRY.)
  23. I hate any form of parties in pubs or nightclubs. I love having one or two best friends to spend quality time together in a coffee shop.
  24. If I'm willing to spend my energy to talk to you, you better be grateful about that.
  25. My favourite Starbucks drinks are americanos and green tea lattes.
  26. I'm afraid of animals. I had a traumatizing experience being chased after a dog. I just overcame my fear towards dogs in July 2015, so YAY!
  27. I love to travel. I had been to Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore and Cambodia. My next destinations (hopefully) will be France, Korea and Japan.
  28. I love photography. I am a photography enthusiast as I take lots of photos.
  29. I love food. Especially high calories food. (Definitely feeling guilty about that)
  30. I love green tea. Green tea latte, green tea gelato, green tea EVERYTHING. (My wet tissues and facial wash are green tea scented. LOL)
  31. I love Totoro. Totoros are the cutest. 
  32. I love Disney. My favourite movies are Tarzan, Mulan, Lion King and Pinocchio. 
  33. I love big oversized framed glasses and beanies.
  34. I have natural white hair at young age. Genetic problem. And I hate people keep bringing up this issue and asking me to dye it.
  35. I am always on diet. (It never worked but at least I am still trying)
  36. I jog so that I can eat more food I want.
  37. My favourite places are coffee shops and bookstores. 
  38. I studied in Tian En Tang Kindergarten, Methodist Primary School and Methodist Secondary School.
  39. After secondary school I joined National Service. (definitely one of most memorable experiences I had in my life. No worries. Just fun.)
  40. After National Service I worked as an intern in an architecture company for two months.
  41. I am currently studying in Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur under MOE scholarship.
  42. I want to pursue a neuroscience degree in university. 
  43. I am under stress all the time and the weird thing is I love the adrenaline rush it gives me.
  44. I want to be a neurosurgeon, writer and artist. 
  45. My favourite weekends will be me sitting in my bed reading books while drinking a cup of green tea with soft instrumental music playing in the background. 
  46. I want to do crazy things before I die. Like backpack travelling and bungee jumping.
  47. I believe my life mission is to help people.
  48. One of my biggest dream is to inspire people. It could be through art (animation has always been my biggest inspiration since young) or writing (I write in Mandarin and I had won some awards before)
  49. I am a Christian. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me. He is my saviour. He is my shepherd. He is the way, the truth and the life. 
  50. I love my blog readers. Thank you so much for reading even though my blog isn't as interesting as others. (and a lot of grammatical mistakes and limited vocabularies) If you like my blog, follow me on Google Followers, Instagram and add me on Facebook. Don't forget to like and share my posts and click the advertisements in my blog so that I can earn some money to sustain my food hunting journey and write more food reviews. (haha, excuses)
That's all. Hope you enjoy.

Lotsa love,


Dandioy's Diary | 040514 Morning Jog. God's Message. Free Starbucks. The Youth Awards.

I usually blog when I am in Starbucks, or at home. Now I'm in Starbucks.

I would say I am a very blessed happy abby today because of many beautiful little things that happened on me today. 

1st beautiful thing: Morning jog
It has been a while since I jogged. Laziness often conquered the physical me and left the mental me crying inside my head for not jogging / working out / doing something productive. Besides usually my weekend plans will be screwed up by my messed up biological clock as I always stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays. Now I am very happy to say that I get my normal healthy sleep cycle back because of the Cambodia trip I went a couple of days ago. I finally convinced myself to wake up early and managed to jog before I went to church. I ran 3.5 km, it is not a long distance but still I'm contented.

2nd beautiful thing: God's message
It has been a while since I went to church. (Again because of my stupid screwed up epigenetic clock) I just felt so happy that I am able to receive God's message today. The worship session today was amazing as always, listening to the heavenly rhythm, raising my hands up for Holy Spirit, closing my eyes to feel God's presence, leaving all my burdens to God, all these were such blessings for me. It was good to go back home. 

Today's preacher is Pastor Joshua Lee, (if not mistaken LOL) who is one of the founder member of the Singapore's New Covenant Church. Today's message is about how God's grace will shine upon us, sinners even though we sinned, and how God will NEVER abandon us when we are in the mist of hardship. I am blessed. 

3rd beautiful thing: Free Starbucks

One of the Starbucks barista gave me a free cup of venti green tea latte when I was about to purchase one. She said that the drink was made extra by other barista. So I saved my RM 12.30. Truly blessed.

Btw, I joined a competition called "The Youth Awards". Please click on the link below and press "UNLOCK". (You need to create an account first, yes I know it's troublesome, but do this for me please? Pretty pretty please? *Puppy's eyes*)

Very ugly poster I know. 
Click >>HERE<< to help me UNLOCK my advertisement.

shirt I got for Zoe in Cambodia :)
Bible verse for sharing: 



IB life | 030514

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Clive! :> You know I will be your very best, low density friend in Sibu who always support you to the very end! :)


I just came back from Cambodia this afternoon. It was an annual IB cambodia trip. Our senior went there last year and this year is our turn to go there. Overall, it was one of the most amazing experience that I ever had in my entire life. The whole trip itself is a huge inspiration for me and it inspires me to think of what I want to do, what I want to be in the future. God is good. When i am lost, He will always take care of me and guide me in the dark. I guess I had found the light now. 

Anyways, I will post up a post about my FABULOUS Cambodia trip very soon. So stay tuned! 

Here is some sneak peek:

photo credits to: Miss Lauren

Lotsa love,