Taiwan Trip 台湾之旅 | Day 0 (171213)

Six years. It had been six years since our family went for a vacation together.


身为家里面的摄影师,掌管DSLR的工作理所当然的成了我的责任啦。出门前还不忘很Vain地拍了一张OOTD (害羞 

因为妹子怕如果定了早上的机票我们会晚起床迟到,她定了晚上九点多的机票,有备无患,哈,聪明。我想自从看了Home Alone圣诞经典影片,我们都很怕会重蹈戏里主角的覆辙,所以定了晚上的机票以保安全。大概在傍晚六点多的时候我们就去公公婆婆的家做个去旅行前的道别。

Zoe booked our flight at nine o’ clock at night so that we wouldn’t be late because of the got-up-late this sort of lame excuses. (I think this is the phobia that had been developed in our family ever since we watched “Home Alone” the movie, HAHA) Around six, we took our luggages and rucksacks to gong-gong and ah-ma’s house to pay them the last visit before we took our flight off.


Around 0730 p.m., we reached Sibu airport. Man, I actually didn’t really noticed that Sibu airport had such a huge improvement througout the years. From the open-air to well furnished glass wall, air conditioned space, from having lousy nameless “kedai-kedai” to Sugarbun, KFC and fragrance shop, from nearly-broken waiting seats to comfortable cushion chairs, all these changes impressed me. Although Sibu airport is still considered small and not that competetive compared to other International Airports such as KLIA and LCCT, it stills make me feel like home.


And hell yeah before we departed we took lots of photos in the airport. We even took out our tripod stand so that we can have our family portrait. And mum kept complaining because she said my photographic skills suck. Le sigh.

Family Portrait 全家福

After one hour plus of flight we finally reached LCCT. 上机,一个小时后我们就到达LCCT机场了。
We went Tunes Hotels by taking a bus. 搭了趟巴士去Tunes酒店。

We bought some food in 7eleven and this shop. Hot Cups, spaggettis and rice. Nothing too special tho. 我们在 7 eleven 和Sri Kulai买了一些杯面啊,意大利面啊还有饭之类的,没什么特别的。

Our room for the night. 当晚的房间

The room was soooo small. I think it’s supposed to be a room for 2 people but we managed to squeeze 6 people in. Thriftiness level: ASIANNNNN. Dad, mum and Janice slept on the bed while Zoe, Gabriel and I slept on the floor. Pity us. I couldn’t have a quality sleeping and resting time since the floor is so hard and the air conditioner is too cold. Not gonna say I have a good time in that hotel. Hope that I can sleep on a bed when I reach Taiwan. I was so desperate. *Sigh*


DAY 0 isn't that interesting as we didn't officially reached Taiwan yet. But I promise next post about Taiwan will be super interesting okay? HEHEH. Stay Tuned. :)

Lotsa love,