Dandioy's Thoughts | Being alone

I had been alone since last mid semester break, for a whole solid week. All of my friends went back to their hometown for a break. You may think that I am lonely and what not, but the truth is, I like being alone. I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone. I like sitting alone, and walking home alone. It gives me time to think, and set my mind free. I like eating alone, and listening to music alone. 

Because I am so quiet these days, I am able to think about everything, my interests, my talents, my values, my principles, my future, my true passion. I am always curious about what the futures hold. I am confused about everything in my life. I can only speak to my soul when no one is talking to me. The noise from the outside world is just too loud. All the noises are restraining myself from taking reaction on everything this world had mashed into my face. Only through solitude, I can take a step back and think. What should I do next? What I really want? Is this decision going to bring me to my destiny? What is my destiny anyway? What does the future hold? After 1 year and a half, where will I be? 

Life is never predictable. That's what makes life beautiful.