Dandioy's Doodle | TCSH DRESS CODE

Title : Schizophrenia People wearing weird clothes You can still dress fashionably without breaking the rules.

Inspiration: The colour schemes of this artwork are green, khaki, and grey. My favourite colour combinations recently. Reminds me of Starbucks haha. Btw, I finished this piece of artwork in Starbucks. I used around 3 hours. Drawing in Starbucks is so stress-relieving. Love! 

Miss Lauren asked me to draw this for college. She wants something refreshing and cool. So I came up with the idea of having one guy and one girl wearing half decent cloths and another half indecent outfits. I mean, exposing your body doesn't show that you are fashionable right? I appreciate and admire people who dress decently and yet still look chic and trendy. 

This is printed into multiple copies and they are pasted around college right now and I'm happy every time I walk pass them. Happy Abby is happy!

Lotsa love,