Dandioy's Doodle | Sincerely yours, Tyler Ward

Tyler Ward had a t-shirt designing contest going on last week and I was like, "Why not?" So I joined. This is the design I handed in. I didn't have enough time to do this since I was very busy with my assignments and stuffs so I finished this in 1 hour something. 

Title: Sincerely yours, Tyler Ward 
Inspiration: His photo...DUH! Haha.

I wouldn't say that this is a satisfying artwork since he doesn't look like Tyler at all, maybe the hairstyle is quite similar but I just couldn't master the art of shading yet. He looks more like a Korean guy for me! LOL! Anyways, since I'm trying a different kind of drawing style, I guess I can give myself a 8/10? Haha. Maybe I should draw Kim Soo Hyun next time! 

Hope you like this episode of Dandioy's Doodle! :P