Dandioy's Doodle | Dorothy

Those who are familiar with my drawing style would say: Hey, this is totally not your style AT ALL. Personally I kind of love this style because I don't want people to confine me into certain type of drawing style. I want to show people that I can draw cartoon, I can draw manga, I can draw portraits and I can draw gothic style too! I admit that I love my old drawing style but I know that if I want to grow I need to make a change. 

Artwork name: Dorothy
Inspiration: Did you ever heard of the story of Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz? 
Yes, the colour of her hair is inspired by her dress. To be honest, besides the colour of the hair and the name, there is nothing related between these two LOL. Sometimes you draw something because you just think that it looks nicer this way or another. 
Dorothy is holding a cup of sadness because she is incredibly sad. Simple as that. She is not satisfied at where she is right now and she is confused with her life. Her hair is azure blue just like the colour of the sky but her eyes are grey like the gloomy clouds. She is a paradox. 

Hope you like this piece of artwork :)