Frozen Addiction #02 | That ToK Homework Dr. Brice gave us

Question: “… of the knowledge that literature gives us: it enlarges our sense of human experience beyond the narrow limits within which we live our own lives, it takes us imaginatively into lives and parts of the world far different from our own. It can give us understanding of others unlike ourselves, and possibly opens us to caring.”

Art piece chosen: Frozen

Form of Art: Animation movie


Rosemaling patterned dress worn by Elsa the queen.

In the movie “Frozen” by Walt Disney animation, the storyline was taken place in a kingdom in Norway called Arendelle. In the film, the clothes designs of all of the characters are very much inspired by the rosemaling or in literal meaning “rose painting”. Rosemaling is a iconic pattern for the traditional Norwegian folks art and usually can be seen on furnitures or household objects such as drawers, cupboards, tables and chairs. There are several designs of rosemaling such as geometrical designs, symmetrical designs and some others which are filled with S swirls and C strokes. By incorporating the rosemaling designs into the character’s clothes, we as audience are able to understand and appreciate the art of rosemaling and it gives us an insight into the beautiful culture world of Norway.

Looking at the sophisticated rosemaling motifs, it enables me to value my country’s famous fabric design pattern, which is “batik”, which is initially originated from Indonesia. Batik was mentioned to be brought to Malaysia in the 17th century Malay annuals. Different from the batiks from the Indonesia, batiks from Malaysia have bigger and simpler patterns, absence of humans and animal motifs (to present being interpreted as idolatry as Malaysia is a Islamic country), flowers and leaves as popular motifs and brighter and more vibrant colours. It is interesting how art has been adapted and assimilated by a cultural group.

By noticing the difference between both of the cultures of Norway and Malaysia, I realised that art can comein different forms depends on your creativity and cultural influences. As an International Baccalaureate student I have learnt to celebrate the diversity of art and cultures around the world.

Batik pattern from Malaysia
Batik pattern from Indonesia

Lotsa Love,