Colour Life | Pantone Misted Yellow - 14-0837

So the Pantone fashion colour fall report 2014 is finally out!

I always adore the fall season as the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Fall is like the transition period between the summer and the winter. Besides I always love the idea of surrounding myself in the mist of yellow autumn leaves and having a cup of tea / reading a book / doodling / having small little talk with the one *cough* / doing homework / having a nap under autumn trees. That would be so romantic and sophisticating <3

One thing I just love the most about fall is, of course, the colour scheme!

As an autumn girl, I always intrigued by colours such as maroons, burgundies, tangerines, pumpkin oranges, mustard yellow, moss greens, army greens, cambridge blues, dark fuschias, violets and grays. Those colours represents classiness, elegance and mysteriousness.

Photo credits to Pantone

Look at how amazing the colours are?! 

However, my favourite hue of this season is Misted Yellow! I just loveeee how this colour reminds me of that ray of sunbeam shining through the autumn leaves in the morning mist. The thought of just thinking about this warms up my heart literally! 

Look at how misted yellow compliments ivories, grays and blacks so well!

Which one is your favourite shades of yellow? ;)

similar colour, Bamboo appears to be fashion colour report in 2011

Adding a ray of sunlight and warmth, optimistic Misted Yellow alludes to the promise of spring to come. --Pantone

When I was young, my favourite colour is ALWAYS yellow, the pure yellow tho. Since I grew up, my favourite colour starts to change from blue, to red, to orange, to green, to pink and to purple. And I had come to a realisation that I actually love EVERY single shades of colour. I used to hate pink when I was young (such a tomboy) but now I had learnt to appreciate shades of pinks. 

Looking at Misted Yellow, this colour makes me fall in love with yellow all over again <3

Misted Yellow is such a special colour that really represents ME as a person. I am the type of girl who don't mind to shine bright occasionally but sometimes I do feel like being low-profile. This colour perfectly illustrates my character and I totally adore it! Who says being an INFJ couldn't love bright colours like yellow? (I really hate those online tests who always stereotype introverted people to have a tendency to like darker colours such as royal blue and violets more) 

Honestly when I realised Radiant Orchid is the colour of the year, I was shocked as there are rumours saying that dazzling blue is the colour of the year 2014. I hated it for one month and slowly I accepted the colour. 

However my fav is still Misted Yellow and hence I would like to declare (haha weird term) that Misted Yellow to be the colour of my year 2014! :> 

Oh, btw, would have any particular song that reminds you of certain colour? For me, these songs really remind me the colour Misted Yellow :)

GEM TANG is my girl crush recently *shy*
Look her up on "I am a singer" show from China :)
She is a famous and very talented singer from Hong Kong <3

Do you wanna add a bit of optimistic sunlight in your 2014? ;)
(even though now it's like the beginning of March already, but it is better late than never right, HAHA)

Lotsa love,