Typical busy days in IBDP (10-12 February 2014)

Monday (10 Feb)

Monday was quite depressing, I woke up at 8.20 a.m. and I rushed to college like a maniac. And the worst thing is when I dashed into English lesson, Dr. Brice saw me being late to class. What a depressing start on Monday morning! And... our Maths HL teacher gave us a mock test all in a sudden without prior notice. I just scribbled something then passed up my paper. What makes my life even more "interesting" is that I was late for TOK and Dr. Brice marked me as late in his attendance list. I had 5 periods of classes continuously for Monday then an hour break. So I bought myself a cup of Starbucks green tea latte to cheer myself up a little bit. 

2nd meeting of the Chinese Club at 4.30 p.m. was pretty awesome. At first I was so scared that no people would come because I feel like people in TCSH is just too banana-ish, some of people don’t want to be involved in newbie's club like Chinese Club. Luckily there was quite an amount of people who joined our meeting today! Marishka and Xiu Ching did a great job in the ice-breaking session. Everyone got to know everyone's name and a fun fact about others, which was so fun and amazing. Someone even forgot Moses's name and called him "Jesus" and said that Moses like "Bible", which is "Physics" instead. 

Tuesday (11 Feb)

Tuesday is my busiest day in a week because I have 6 periods of class. Mr. Teoh probably received a lot of complain from students about the mock test so he said that he won't take the test into the mid-semester report. I nearly jumped in excitement because I knew I am going to do bad in the test. 

Chemistry has always been the scariest subject for me mainly because I don't really like the subject and I think that Chemistry is just a subject made based on a lot of assumptions and theory. Not all of them are accurate and make sense. But if I want to study medicine in UK it is compulsory to take Chemistry HL. 

We watched an surgical abortion video in Moral Studies. Last lesson Miss Renuga asked us a question, "If you are pregnant but you already have financial problem in supporting your other 3 children and giving birth to another child might make your entire family's life even harder, and if the baby is diagnosed as deformed somemore, would you abort the baby?" 

My answer used to be YES, but after watching that video, I strongly oppose the idea of cutting the baby's necks and limbs even they are still a foetus just because of the mother's selfishness. We had a huge debate over the topic whether the baby should be aborted or not in class. Sometimes you gotta admit everyone is different and no everyone will see what you see and agree what you agree.   

Wednesday (12 Feb)

Chemistry test today is easy but I just forgot everything I studied. I feel so stupid. I should have study harder. I really hate living in remorse after having every test/quiz/exam in college. I need to seriously work on my Chemistry if I want Zoe to study IB with me. I MUST GET 7s IN MY MID-SEMESTER EXAM. 


We interviewed the candidates who applied for Vice President and Marishka, Xiu Ching and I all agreed that Bear Bear and Zheng Herng are the prefect choice for the vice president post. I really hope that they can assist me in leading Chinese Club to be the LEGITIMATE BEST CLUB in Year End Ball 2014. 


Lotsa Love,