IBDP Cambodia Charity 2014 Valentine's Day / When Chap Goh Mei Meets V-Day

Sometimes I think I am an individualist, I couldn't work with people especially when it comes to art. When I decorate a notice board, I will never have a rigid or vivid clear image of how I want to beautify it. My inspiration will only starts to pour in as I draw out my first stroke. I am weird. I am lonely. But I am free when there is no one who restrict me from doing what I love. Yes, I am weird. And you can guess I spent my whole night alone doing this. Artists are lonely people.

This Valentine's Day I spent my night with these lovely IB people. We gave Darshini a surprise birthday party. We played truth and dare and games and confession stuffs. It was really fun.

One of the funniest thing that night is Adrian prank called one of our senior Adam. I nearly died of suffocation. HAHAHAHA.

Since I am alone again this Valentine's Day, I bought myself a cup of double chocolate from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Who says we can't pamper ourselves right? ;)

P/s: I didn't get to celebrate Chap Goh Mei with my family this year :(

Lotsa Love,