IB life: Vale's farewell party 13/01/2014

This is my first polaroid with Vale, and probably the last one :'(

Vale has always been the cheerful outgoing girl that radiance her happy-go-lucky aura which intrigues me so much. She, is the girl who knows how to play her guitar so well and could let those beautiful words and melodies of her original songs slip out from her lips just that easily. She, is the only Canadian student in our programme but yet still come to here, Malaysia, a place where she's totally not familiar about. She, is the girl who dressed up as a colourful clown for Halloween. She, is the one who generously give all her love and hugs to everyone she knows. This is Vale, the special one.

Ms. Lauren organised a farewell party for Vale, she's leaving us to go back Canada in a few days time. The venue is @Winsor Tower. We reached around 6.30 p.m. and the barbecue dinner started at 7 something. I forgot to take picture of the food. Now just imagine a table full of food and people barbecuing.

 *insert spongebob's imagination meme*

Most of us came, a whole bunch of my favourite people <3
Daryl, Ivanna, Sandhiya, Thiiban, Adrian, Mujib, Joey, Jodie and Xiu Ching <3 You guys bright up my world like nobody else.

*one direction's WMYB ON*

Speeches and performances by Ms. Lauren, Joey & Alicia and others. Actually Ivanna, Xiu Ching and me sang a song called "PengYou"for Vale, which means "friend" in Mandarin. Don't really think anyone took a picture for us.

Performance by Vale's uncle DUST IN THE WIND
Performance by Joey & Alicia SAY SOMETHING
Emcee by Mr. Josh's spouse

Kar Yern and Mr. Josh giving speech
Nadiah, Liyana and Effah singing Malay farewell song
Ms. Lauren, Mr. Josh's wife and Ms. Val performing 
"You got a friend"

Ayat singing
Moses playing his flute

Vale singing her two original songs

We danced Zumba and sweated like a pig, so much fun <3

I don't know why but I think IB kinda changed me. I used to hate any sort of party/ social event. I just hate it no matter what. But now I kind of enjoy it after I joined IB. I became more sociable and friendly towards others. At least I will try to fit in now. :P

Lotsa Love,