IB life | Celebrating Miss Priscilla's birthday! 28/01/14

It seems like celebrating someone's birthday in IB is nothing new anymore. However, this post is going to be special because this post is dedicated to our most beloved psychology teacher, Miss Priscilla! *throwing confetti*

Marishka bought the chocolate cake in the middle from San Terri Cottage @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, the other two slices are bought by me at Secret Recipe also @ Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Before Psychology class we had our usual break and coincidentally we have fire drill that day.  I bought two slices of cake for Miss Priscilla (green tea cheesecake and chocolate cake) only after the fire drill ended so it was quite rush.

We even took picture when the fire drill thingy is going on. Haha, typical us :P

So the story of our celebration goes like this:
Marishka was shocked when she saw me carrying a Secret Recipe plastic bag and immediately she knew I bought cakes for Miss P. Then she was like, "OMG, miscommunication I bought one chocolate cake for Miss P already!" Then we started finding a lighter to prepare the huge surprise. We switched off the lights in the classroom and waited for Miss P's arrival. Xiu Ching and Marishka asked our senior, Justin to make signal (either run or churping like a bird) when Miss P is coming. It ended up Miss P opened the door without any prior notice from Justin. We just literary asked miss to go out from the classroom and invited her in only after we lighted the candles on the cake. *laugh die me* 

Miss P was happy and started feeding us with the chocolate cake. All we do is running away from her.


Nic trying his best to escape from Miss P's attack. Haha

Marishka and Trischa too :P 

And lastly I surrendered also :P
Miss Priscilla Happy Birthday and stay awesome okay! Love you <3

P/s: her birthday is actually on the 27th of Jan tho.

Lotsa Love,