Food Hunting | Bagel 'n' Coffee Station, Plaza Damas, Hartamas 28/01/14

So four of us (Ivanna, Daryl, Sandhiya and I) decided to give Bagel 'N' Coffee Station a try tonight since there is no college tomorrow and we wanna spend some quality time together at somewhere nice.

Bagel 'N' Coffee Station offered a nice and comfortable atmosphere for us to just sit down and chat. Personally I love the orange lighting because it just makes me feel all cozy and warm. 

I ordered a Pepperoni Beef Bagel with cream cheese (or you can choose olive oil, it is optional). From the picture you might think that the amount of food is small, but let me tell you, it is super filling! Overall the food was okay, it just that the mustard in the bagel is way too sour. I will give this dish a 7/10!

Daryl and Sandhiya

 Ivanna and I

Waiting for the food 

 Ordering food

Yayyyy, dinner time <3

I would definitely recommend you guys to eat here. 
P/s: if you are a student from Taylor's College Sri Hartamas you will get a free drink! <3


Lotsa Love,